Ant Traps: Your Comprehensive Guide in Choosing the Best Ant Traps and Killers

Ants in general are just your friendly neighborhood. Why? Simply because they are just the one who feed on other insects that may invade your home. They make the ecosystem balance. Moreover, they are the most common type of insects that are found in every household. They can be a real helper, but also, let us not forget that they could also be your enemy. Ants can sometimes be annoying, and apart from contaminating and feeding on your left over food, they build nests along pavements and barriers on your house. While outdoors, they can build mounds on your soil or worst, destroy vegetation. Sure, ants may just appear and leave your house but when they build their colony and stay for good, you better be ready to get rid of them.

Knowledge about the kind of ants that infest your home can be a real help in exterminating these pests even more. Ants in your home may come in different species and type, and often times; it is difficult to determine each because they look the same. What you need to know, is that each of these types can have different unique characteristics and can cause different types of damage in your home. So it is best to know each species first before searching for homemade ant traps or ant killers. Below are just some types of ants that may infest your home. These ants are common species of ants that can be found in any household which includes carpenter ant, fire ant, acrobat ant, and odorous house ant.

Carpenter Ants (camponatus spp.) – Measuring about 0.64 to 2.54 cm., these large ants mostly feed on dead and build their nests on damp wood. They also infest on structures, buildings, and household materials especially on wood, which results in the deterioration and weakening of the home’s foundation. Aside from being unsafe, it can cost you thousands of dollars in paying your professional pest control. You can use some homemade ant traps but it is best to find their nest and destroy it.

Fire Ants (Solenops Invicta) – These red ants can grow approximately from 1.6 to 55 mm. long. They build nests on soil and mounds serve as a clear indication that these ants infest your outdoor grounds. Also, when disturbed, they can give a sting that could be life threatening, especially for individuals who are hypersensitive. When it comes to diet, fire ants’ foods include materials with grease and glucose.

Acrobat Ants (Crematogasper spp.) – They got their name from being acrobats; because they have a habit of raising their abdomen above their head, inflict pain, and can release an unpleasant odor when disturbed. When viewed from above, their abdomen looks like a heart. In size, they can measure about 5.44 mm. in length. Acrobat ants love to nest in places that are highly moisturized such as rotting logs, woodpiles and in stumps. A visible sign that you are infested with pests is a trail that they leave along your house.

Odorous House Ants (Tapinoma Sessile) – These ants can grow as much 2.44 to 3.3 mm in length and their body can have a dark brown to black color. When pinched, they release an odorous scent and they can contaminate your food supplies easily.

From the above examples, you can now easily determine what infests your home. We can now move to what we should do next in exterminating these little pests. Behold, because we just have the best ant trap review on the web. From knowing on how do ant traps work, making your natural ant traps to choosing the best commercial ant traps; this is your best guide in choosing the best ant traps. Whether it is a homemade ant traps, or commercialized ant traps, the power of choice is in your hands. Sometimes, it is not just enough to set up traps for these tiny little pests. To really get rid of them, you need to kill them, so we will also provide you some practical homemade ant killers that could be just what you need in eradicating these ants.

Homemade ant traps are best for individuals who want to be practical. You can basically use materials that are found around your house. Aside from being used as household material, this could also be your ant killer. There is nothing to worry about safety because these ant traps are safe for your children and pets. These natural ant traps are your best alternative from seeking the professional service or purchasing ant traps in supermarkets. Below are just some of the best homemade ant traps and killers that are cheap, but is highly effective.

Sugar – Foods that contain glucose are what ants love. These are the basic materials that they feed on, especially sugar. One thing is for sure, you can use this common household material as an advantage for setting up traps for these little pests. Sugar can be your natural ant trap and can be a real help in getting rid of ants. Simply just mix a handful amount of baking soda and sugar put it on a lid and place it to where ants appear. What does the trick is when ants feed on your bait, their body somewhat explodes and you can see great results after several days. Say goodbye to those annoying ants by just using this.

Corn Meal – These bits of corn are a real life saver when it comes to exterminating ants. Let them feed on corn meal. Just place a nice amount of cornmeal on the lid and put it on the ants’ entryway. After several days, you can no longer see these ants roaming around your house. This is because corn meal makes their stomach burst and killing them afterwards. If not available, you may also use wheat flour or any kind of dried rice.

Vinegar Solution – Though it may produce an unpleasant sour odor, vinegar solution can be just your effective solution in getting rid of these tiny pests. You can use any type of vinegar, whether it is sugar cane or apple cider vinegar, they still serve a common purpose and has the same level of effectiveness. Simply just mix vinegar with water in a spraying bottle, and spray it to where ants appear. Because of its high acidic content, it can be an efficient repellant for ants.

Detergent Soap – Commonly found in most households, detergent soap can be harmful to most ants. Combining the soap with water and spraying it over to where these pests appear can be just the solution to your problem. Not just effective in washing your clothes, detergent soap is also versatile and can be used as your homemade ant killer.

Chalk – The carbonate content of chalks is what drives away these tiny pests. Just draw some markings on to where ants make their entry and you can easily observe after several days that they will never come back again.

Lemon Juice – Just like with what the vinegar has, lemon juice also has acid which kills these ants. The citrus on this fruit is what makes it stand out among other fruits when it comes to effectiveness in killing ants. To use, just put it in a spraying bottle and spray around the openings or entryways of ants. Be sure to use a pure lemon juice to make sure that it is really effective and can really kill them.

Sticky Tape – A great alternative for Terro ant traps or raid ant traps, sticky tape can just be your friend in setting up traps for ants. Place the sticky tape to where you see ants or simply just put it to where they have their entry. Obviously, because of its sticky component, ants can no longer crawl their way through contaminating your food because they are trapped in it. Sticky tapes are not just for packaging or for household materials but they can also be an effective homemade ant trap.

Pepper – Best for making your dishes have more flavor, pepper is also an alternative for killing ants. Black pepper or even cayenne pepper is highly effective for getting rid of these pests. Just sprinkle a handful amount of pepper to cracks and crevices which serves as the ants’ entryway and in just a few days, they surely won’t come back again. One thing to remember though make it sure that you sprinkle pepper to where it is out of reach of your pets. You surely do not want them to lick it and be harmed.

Salt – A seasoning that is found in every household, salt is a material that could greatly keep the ants away. Just sprinkle a handful amount of salt over to which ants appear or any on any flat surfaces and say goodbye to those annoying little ants.

Peanut Butter mixed with Borax – Ants are not picky when it comes to food. Aside from glucose-type food materials, some ants also love to eat greasy foods such as peanut butter. Of course, you do not want to feed them with peanut butter just to satisfy their cravings, you also need to mix it up with something that could kill them at any minute. Used in making ceramics, glass, and as antiseptic, borax is a white mineral that you can mix with peanut butter to kill these ants. To make your peanut butter with borax mixture, you first need to boil a decent amount of this mineral in a saucepan for about 3 to 5 minutes. Afterwards, mix a preferred amount of peanut butter to the boiled borax, and put it on a lid; this will serve as your bait. Then place the lid on places where ants make their way and in about a week or two, you will see a decrease of ants in your home. This is because borax has a chemical component that when eaten, will make the ants’ stomach burst and will kill them over the next few days. With a great mix with peanut butter that will serve as an attractive component for your trap, this is definitely a sure kill.

The above examples are just your homemade ant traps and killers. You can choose from any of the materials mentioned above and guaranteed that you will exterminate your tiny enemies. Spending just a little of time, you can have your natural ant traps that are highly efficient and effective.

For those individuals who are really and can’t find time preparing these homemade ant traps, there are lots of commercial ant traps and killers available in the groceries. Simply just look for these ant traps and set it up along to where these ants appear. But let us not forget that there sure lots of different kinds of ant traps. So if you might be wondering about how to choose the best commercial ant trap, you have the choice over it, but below are just some of the highly recommended brands.

Terro Ant Traps – A product that is intended for killing pests especially ants, Terro ant traps provide a wide variety of products that will help you get rid of these pests. They have ant killer spray, aerosol for ants, but what they are famous for is their ant traps. It has a highly active component that will kill ants instantly. To use, simply just set the trap on cracks or to where ants make entry and let it stay for about a day or two. Amazingly, one good feature of this ant trap is that its effectiveness does not diminish over time but it is still best to keep your traps fresh.

Raid Ant Traps – Raid has a double control bait that is guaranteed to extinguish ants in no time. “Kill the queen and the entire colony,” is what they ensure and using raid ant traps is easy and very economical. The same as with the above example, using this trap does not require much of an effort. Simply just place it adjacent to walls, on electronic equipment, electrical lines, and waste containers. Just make sure to handle it carefully and store it in places that are out of reach to children and animals.

Choosing from homemade ant traps to commercially made ant traps really depends on your choice. In looking for ant trap reviews; this is your best choice because we just provided you with the best information from basic knowledge of ants, to ways on how to get rid of them. One thing to remember though is to keep your house clean, store your left over foods properly, and never leave any traces of sugary materials anywhere to prevent these ants from invading your home.