Affordable Bed Bug Treatment You can Use at Home

Looking and capturing bed bugs seem to be a never ending chase. Just how are you supposed to beat something you can barely see?

Despite the prevalence of the problem, bed bug treatment has not grown to be that popular compared to other parasite treatments. Back in the 1960s, a massive pesticide spraying would readily kill a community of bed bugs. That is not possible now. And with the resurgence of the parasites both in residential and public places, we are now left with manual and safer ways to treat bed bugs.

Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

Most residential areas have low bed bug infestations, which makes it harder to target tthe infestation. An easy way to stay treating the bed bug problem is to dismantle all the possible areas where bed bugs are located. This is rather easier to determine since you only have to recall where the bed bug bit you. Also focus on the other furniture near the affected item, as bed bugs have their way of transferring from one place to another. They are specifically fond of wood and fabric materials. During the cleaning process, you may not readily find live bed bugs, but you may end up finding their eggs and shells, which are already a step further to eradicating bed bugs at home.

Check for cracks in the bed, headboard, dressers, and sofa, as bed bugs also love hiding in these places. You could always use the help of flashlights to help in the visual inspection. Make sure to fix these cracks to prevent further bed bug infestation.

House carpets are also considered to be a mating haven for bed bugs, and could easily be their portal to your sleeping area. A regular vacuuming of the carpet, mattresses, and couch should gradually remove bed bugs from your house. Prepare a sealed trash bin for the disposal of the vacuum waste, to prevent recurrence of bed bug infestation.

Is it Possible to do Bed Bug Heat Treatment at Home?

You certainly can! Bed bug heat treatment can come in two forms:

1) Steaming – bed bugs will easily succumb to steam, which you can directly apply to the infested area. There are a lot of affordable steam generating devices available in hardware stores. If you want to avoid any purchase, you can also find flexible tube that will be used to release steam from your own electric kettle. Adult bed bugs, bed bug nymphs, and their eggs will be immediately eliminated by this process.

2) Heat cleaning – as a follow up to dismantling your infested house items, you can further ensure total elimination of bed bugs by putting the mattress and other furniture under the direct heat of the sun. An entire day of exposure should already kill all bed bugs including those that you did not find. If there is no sufficient sunlight, another option is to simply wash the affected linens in hot water, which should be not less than 48 degree ?C.

Bed Bug heat treatment can be a more complicated process of getting rid of the parasites, and may also require more manpower, however the proven positive results of such method makes all the efforts worth it.

How About Bed Bug Spray?

If you are looking for a less laborious way of bed bug treatment, that best bug spray is truly a better option. However, most of these sprays contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans so it requires extra caution when using. Apparently, it is also impossible to spray even the best bed bug spray to mattrasses, unless you plan on sleeping with insecticides on.

Bed bug sprays are best for getting rid for treating cracks and holes in the house, but not for sleeping areas like the couch and bed.

How to Treat Bed Bugs without Chemicals

An emerging product against bed bugs now is the diatomaceous earth bed bug powder. It is 100 percent natural and safe to be used even in beds and couches. The powder can be used as a follow-up treatment to dismantling and steaming to prevent the bed bugs from coming back.

What About Bed Bug Bites?

Chances are you have already been bitten by bed bugs prior to even considering home treatment. Bug bites may not life threatening but they can really be a nuisance. Most people do not feel that they are being bitten by a bed bug until the noticeable symptoms appear including red bumps on the skin that are often itchy.

For people who have previously developed an allergic reaction from insect bites, there is a higher chance for them to also develop such bed bug bites. With this, it is crucial not just to find bed bug treatment but also anti-histamine medicines or topical steroid creams. Other than this, bed bug bites does not require any treatment, and symptoms should already go away in a span of two days. Just avoid scratching the affected area in order to avoid infection, which may lead to more complicated medications.

Final Thoughts

While bed bugs are not considered as dangerous insects or parasites, early bed bug treatment is still recommended to avoid massive infestation, especially in houses. A female bed bug can lay up to five eggs at a time, and it only takes these eggs two weeks to become blood sucker parasites. Any delay in the treatment could readily triple the number of bed bugs in one location.

Most of the bed bug treatment can be really laborious, so it is best to seek help of the entire family in doing this. If in any case the bed bug infestation in your house has reached an uncontrollable level, you can always seek professional help from a pest control firm. They will either use their own devices in getting rid of bed bugs or assist you along the process. Apart from learning about the best bed bug treatment, it is also crucial for any homeowner to know how to prevent the parasites from coming back. This is something that your pest control professional can also greatly assist you with.