Commercial Pest Control – Deciding Whether to Use One or Not to Use

Living our life we wanted to be is just the best reward that we could give to ourselves. But there are times that we had done almost every possible way to get rid of the pests that infested our house property, whatever method we use and whatever brands of pesticides that we spray, still, the pests won’t just give. Worse case is when we are infested by these pests and we are busy because of work and other things that we need to attend to. That should give us more problem than what we already had and we would not want to be one of those who are having a lot of problems in managing their time at work and getting rid of the pests all at the same time.

You can find a lot of brands these days that say how it can be effective to deter certain pests that you may have in your household. But these brands also have to depend on situations before application. Say a certain pesticide is used to deter pest and you tried it of course, because it says it will. You then applied the pesticide on the pests and sure you got rid of it but not for long, but the next day or so, they are still coming back again and again. You would then blame the product that you used to deter the pets and this is just plainly telling us that this example is about getting rid of the pest, not the cause. After trying the brand, you will surely move on to another product and have the same problem after application. Note that the product or products that you may be using contain high chemical content that needed to be done in the correct process; not following the instructions will definitely give you irreversible consequences that you will not like. So what could be the cause why these pests come back?

You were so determined to get rid of them and you almost got broke of trying new products or methods after using the other, and then you gave up and called a pest control professional in the end. Sure the problem was gone and thanks to the pest control professional because they found a food source of these pests located in your house, which explains why they kept on coming back after application of pesticides.

You already lost a lot of money, time and effort and even decided to call a pest control professional. This is because you are not looking at the source but you are just looking at the problem. So how do we evaluate the situation to determine when is the smartest way to decide on using commercial pest control products or calling a pest control professional?

Always do a background check on everything before doing any methods or using commercial pest control brands. This is the basic thing to do and perhaps the smartest way to apply before attacking the pests that are invading your house. Now you have problems going on in the house, pests have reached a long way and are now attacking your house. Do not panic, panicking will just give you absolutely nothing.

Study the situation first and know what you are up to

Know what type of pest you are facing. Whatever the pest you may be facing, there will always be two main reasons why they end up in your house and we will be discussing the reasons one by one to get ahold of the whole concept to get a better picture how we can get rid of the pest the best way we could come up with.

First Reason: Food and Water Source

This is what they are after, food and water. If you have an abundant source of food and water in your house, then you are likely inviting these pests to come over your house. Try to follow the pests and find where they are hiding, and where they go to gather water and food. This will give you the lead to locate the source of water and food. Once you locate the source and get rid of it, these pests will surely have nothing else to do in your house. You can then use the pesticides and repellants that you have in your house to get rid of them. After the application, they will surely leave your house for good. However, if you have no pesticide available, you can always use certain DIY pesticides to get rid of the pests. You can find quite a number of these DIY methods in the internet.

Second Reason: Shelter

Aside from food, staying for shelter is another reason why these pests stay in your house. Pests love to stay in warm places where they can be safe. If you found out that they are staying for shelter, getting rid of their shelter will be the best move for you to do. But make sure that you will keep the entire house safe. They may just move to another corner in your house as soon as you apply the deterrent. Do a little research about how they live and what places they like to stay for shelter. This way you will be able to get rid of possible places they may transfer to. Once you will keep the things out of their radar, they will have no access to any place they may look forward to as soon as you apply the method to deter the pests.

Once you have studied the pests and how they behave, do not attempt to buy and use a commercial pest control brand yet, you still have a chance to try out some tips from your friends and neighbors. Try to ask them first if they encountered a problem like the one you have. They might have used a repellent that is effective and really did a great job. You may also learn something from them as they may have got some tips from companies they called to get the job done. This can be a great step for you to decide whether to use commercial products for repellant or not.

Once you have collected enough data about the chemicals that are used against the pests from your families, neighbors and friends, it is best to do a little research about the recommended pesticides and use the least pesticide or chemical with the least toxic content. If in doubt, never hesitate on calling the company about the products they recommended and ask the proper dosage of the chemical in a certain area or pest count. Do not forget to ask about the proper application from them.

Gathering information from direct users is essential, especially when it comes to using chemicals or commercial pest control deterrents to get rid of the pests. There are some pesticides that contain high-end poisons mixtures that will surely get the pests in one shot but think about the carcasses they will leave. If you have a pet, they are at threat, leaving a carcass without proper supervision may harm your pet. They might eat the carcass and they may also share the same fate as the dead pests. Your children are also at threat; they may end up playing with the carcass if not supervised. Water reservoir or water pipes will likely get contaminated by the poison. Your neighbors or friends may have also used homemade deterrents that are less poisonous but effective against the type of pests you are facing.

Request an inspection from Companies

Applying this move is not bad at all. If you really are in doubt about the data you have collected from friends and neighbors, then it won’t hurt you if you decided to call the company and ask for assistance about inspecting the area first prior doing any further actions from recommendation about using a commercial pest control pesticide. After the inspection, the company should be able to provide you with a brief explanation on how the situation is going, what causes the pest to land there, how big the affected area is, what should be the best method for elimination and what products that you can use to effectively deter the pests, everything that you need to know about the inspection including the safety measures and procedures you need to follow during the action. This will give you the best advises whether to use a commercial pest control or not.

Decide for yourself now. You should have collected enough data about using the best commercial pest control against the pest you are facing with the situation you are having. This is great and you should be able to see how this would end. But wait as you may need to consider these essential points before taking the theory and all to action. You should take responsibility on the damages it may give. Also look around you and see the possible threats it may give your environment especially the people around you. You may want to know the effect of inhaling to a young child or an elderly. Aside from the environment, you must not forget to make sure to refer to your local place’s law about the usage of chemicals. You may end up in jail without knowing it. Seeking for legal requirements if needed should be done prior buying and applying the chemical or poison to the pests.

When using commercial pest control chemicals or poisons, be sure to check the location of application where the chemical will be used, the effectiveness of the chemical will depend on the location. If the chemical will be washed off as soon as rain comes, then the method of using this type of chemical will definitely not be the right deterrent for the problem you are having.

Another thing that you could use as a guideline is comparing the commercial product from DIY methods and deterrents. Should the infested area not big enough, then perhaps using a DIY method is likely the best option for you. There are a lot of DIY methods available in the internet today. But there are also gaps from these DIY methods. Let’s take some methods into consideration for you to decide which is which, for instances you are up against roaches that show up every night. Getting rid of these can be done with DIY methods and commercial methods. Look at how baking soda kills the roaches, with a mixture of sugar which invited the roaches and same amount of baking soda, the roaches will surely die in a short time after they have took the bait with baking soda. Yes, the commercial brands will also do the job and will instantly kill the roaches but your main concern in this method is how you will get the roaches in one place so that you can get rid of them in one blow. Getting into the corners and cracks just to get in touch with the roaches is also tedious. Unlike the baking soda method, just leave the bait overnight and you should be able to find results in the morning. The only common thing they have is you will definitely find dead roaches in the morning in any parts of the house.

This is just one method that you can use to determine whether to use a commercial deterrent or not. There are also a lot of DIY deterrents that you can find and use in the internet for reference. The decision will still depend on you.

Whatever commercial chemical or method you chose from the market, be sure to always read the labels and instructions or procedures. These are just some of the guidelines that you may use to decide whether to use a commercial pest control product or not. Regardless the product or method you use, never forget how the outcome will end and choose the application that is more effective and safe but is cheap. And always read all labels before application, proceeding with extreme caution when using chemicals should come hand in hand.