Coyote Hunting – Basic Coyote Hunting Tips for Beginners

Just like a lot of things in this world, Coyotes have their good and bad side. Their cunning abilities and their enigmatic howls have been the subject of many stories in folklore. However these animals also have gotten the bad side of human beings and have earned a reputation as enemy of farmers, livestock owners and ranchers because they are quite common animals whose keen hunting abilities prey on animals.

Before you go hunting coyotes know what they are and what they are capable of.

Coyote or the Canis Latrans is a mammal that resembles a dog but has pointy ears, a snout and a bushy tail. They are animals that can easily adapt to habitats. Often times, these furry creatures color ranges from black and reddish blonde. Just like most canines they have keen eyesight and great smelling senses which makes them perfect predators to a lot of mammals and vegetation.

Coyotes are creature who often howls in high-pitched streaks and growl away in the night as it is their way to communicate with each other. Just like foxes, coyotes are quite territorial in nature. The problem with them is that their territories are quite vast as they can be seen in deserts, agricultural areas, open grasslands and unfortunately, they are now often seen in urban areas. Because of its growing population, and persistence to practically be in a lot of places all at once, they have become a menace in their own right.

Just like foxes, coyotes are shy animals and are not a direct threat to human beings per se. However, if ever they become more tolerant of human interactions, this is where some complications occur. Just like foxes they tend to be more at home with humans that they start to roam around freely to get food anywhere they deemed easy, this include homes and garbage bins.

Coyotes are generally timid and are not really aggressive but there are times that they may pose as a threat to people especially when coyotes become fearless of humans. When a coyote starts to display this uncharacteristic behavior, there’s a great possibility that they are sick or have been injured. Oftentimes coyotes have become victims of diseases like rabies and distemper. This is the only instance that people administer euthanasia to the animal to relieve it of its pain as well as stopping the said disease from spreading.

The scenarios above are but some instances why livestock owners and farmers create coyote traps or enclosed their areas in order to stop these coyotes from harming their fields and animals. Lately, some have resorted to coyote hunting to enforce coyote control.

All coyotes have been quite a nuisance lately. If you plan of hunting these animals make sure that you have the basic things needed for the said hunt.

The following are some of the gears that you will need:

– A definite must-have are mouth operated rabbit squealers and coyote howlers

– Have something to lure the predator in by placing some decoy. You can used a beat-up stuffed animal toy or better yet have a dekes that are run by battery.

– When it comes to guns you may use a deer rifle or a .223 caliber flat-shooting rifle.

If you’re new in this trade, it is better that you know some basic things when it comes to how to hunt coyotes.

– Check your local hunting rules and regulations. Make sure you do not get in trouble with the law or you are not violating any of it.

– Check videos and bone up on reading materials regarding hunting

– Ask the experts on advices that they may give you fresh and real life hunting experiences that may come in handy when you start to hunt

– Hunt during dawn and dusk because this is the perfect time to hear their howls and barks.

– When you hunt, the perfect weather condition to have is during days that are cold and calm.

– Never hunt during days that are windy.

– Know the various spots where coyotes trek, you may find clues when you look for various tracks that these predators leave behind. You can ask the farm or land owners where they last saw these predators. Coyote droppings are another way to know where they often go. Usually they deposit these small piles of scats which often have fur from their recent hunting experience.

– Do things stealthily. Do not talk to anyone during the hunt, better have some prepared gestures before you do your hunting.

– As much as possible reduce any form of sound that may come from any equipment that you have especially when it comes to metal objects.

– Make sure you find a good and comfortable spot

– Make sure you have good visibility where you are located. Have a pillow to sit on.

– Make sure that you have good camouflage because coyotes have keen insight. It would be useless to hunt coyotes when your pray can easily spot you. Make sure your exposed part of your body is well covered and not easily recognizable by these predators.

– Patience they say is a virtue and it comes pretty handy when you hunt coyotes as these predators respond to call but also do take time to respond to you. A 20 to 30-minute call time elapse would suffice. If nothing happens then simply move on.

– When you call these predators, it is best that there would be some injected emotions in your said calls. Make them as close-sounding to their howls as they are territorial animals that they respond more quickly to such howls.

Coyotes are generally considered as agricultural and livestock pests that hunting restrictions regarding this but if you do get a chance to get one, make sure it’s a clean kill, and that you skin the coyote properly as dead animals can be susceptible to bacteria.