Be an Expert Fly Killer in Less than a Week

More than 90% of the homeowners asked about the most annoying house pests for hem answered flies. This result is not surprising considering how universal flies, specifically cluster flies have been in the past decades. Regardless of the continent, flies have always managed to invade houses and spoil food all over the world.

Cluster flies or attic flies are one of the most common household pests, along with housefly, mosquitoes, and bugs.What makes cluster fly a major problem for most houses is that they usually invade a property in multiple number, and multiple times. This is why it has already become a common household scene to swat flies especially in the attic, kitchen, and balcony. However, these flies could get out of control once the summer months start to kick in to its important to find other ways on how to be a fly killer, apart from simply vacuuming or swatting them one by one. Before learning to tricks to house fly control, it is imperative to first settle some of the myths about cluster flies.

Myth 1: I can be protected from cluster flies if I use screen doors/windows.

Truth: Unfortunately, although cluster flies are often seen flying and buzzing around, they are also capable of entering a territory by crawling even in the tiniest open space. So your screen is not always a guarantee of being fully protected from flies.

Myth 2: Cluster flies carry diseases.

Truth: Cluster flies has a minimal possibility of transmitting diseases to humans, apart from the chance of spoiling your food. Other than this, the worst that cluster flies could bring to your home are germs gathered from the other place they have been.

Myth 3: I can use pesticides to kill flies

Truth: Aside from being harmful, pesticides have not been the most effective ways to get rid of flies in the house. It is especially not advisable once there is already a significant fly infestation in the house.

So what are the fly control that really work against flies?

Ideally, it is best to have preventive measures against cluster flies, and the best time to do this is just before summer kicks in. A good start is to fill the surroundings of the house with natural fly deterrent that you can actually make at home. One of the popularly know fly repellent are lavender oil. For a more efficient application, you can dilute the oil extract with water and use it as spray around the house. You can spray this everyday, considering that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a fly repellent spray.

However, these natural fly repellent may not guarantee a hundred percent protection from any sort of fly. For those who are looking at a stronger formulation, you can also buy the commercially available fly spray, which is technically an insecticide that can kill a fly right away. Horse fly spray is commonly used for this purpose.

But flies are already inside my house!

Granting that flies have really invaded your house already, the best tool to use is the fly trap. Fruit fly traps grew extremely popular back in the years as one of the most effective fly control tool. Today, a household can already choose between different types of fly traps, including fly light traps and sticky fly traps. Both can be used indoor and outdoor to prevent further fly infestation in the house.

Fly light traps work by creating attracting cluster flies towards it, and trapping them once it comes in contact with the light. This is best placed in the attic and ceiling during summer months. On the other hand, sticky fly traps contain pheromones that are believed to kill flies faster, while they are stuck in the trap.

Fly traps get rids of flies fast and in large numbers, so they are the ideal control method for summertime when cluster flies are most active.

Apart from these proven fly control methods, it is important to also learn how to make your house less attractive to flies, regardless of the season. Some of the areas to look out for are:

1) Strong-smelling food
2) Abandoned, uncleaned attics
3) Fruit droppings in the yard
4) Unsealed trash can

By keeping the house clutter-free, you only do not save on cost for fly killer products, but also protect the entire family from the nuisances brought by house flies. A little prevention can definitely go a long way.