How to Get Rid of a Mole: Tricks to Win Your Way Against

Everyone knows how much time and effort it takes to build the perfect lawn. A perfect looking front yard or back yard certainly takes a lot sweat, mud, and at time scratches to come into being. So it’s no surprise how a typical homeowner can easily get frustrated and irritated once a mole ruins this perfection for them. It’s just not fair, right?

It definitely isn’t but the reality is moles are considered as one of the most prevalent pest animals, which makes the chances of having them in your own yard higher. They can be anywhere, from agricultural to residential areas, causing headaches to humans. Unfortunately, despite of this prevalence, almost 90 percent of homeowners still do not anticipate having moles in their own yard, which likewise results to more of them not knowing how to get rid of a mole once they already have it in their territory.

Are Moles Harmful?

Moles may not be directly harmful to humans, but their survival mechanisms can eventually pose risks to the owners of the affected area. Aside from ruining the plants and trees that you are earnestly trying to grow, these pests also kill the nutrients in the soil since they dig and eat every earthworm they find. This could mean not having a blooming yard ever, again. Aside from that, the holes or tunnels that moles dig can also be home to other more dangerous animals including snakes and mice. These are more dangerous pests that have higher possibility of invading the house. With this, it is crucial to observe actual mole control methods the moment you spot a mole in the yard.

How to Know if I have Moles in my Yard?

Because moles are extremely quick creatures, it can be difficult to spot them at first. In fact, most homeowners only realize that their yard is infested with moles once they start noticing molehills. The moment you find a molehill in your own yard, it already calls for an immediate mole control, to prevent it from damaging more of your plants, or worse the entire house.

How to Get Rid of Moles?

Catching a mouse inside the house is hard enough. How is possible to get rid of a mole that is swiftly digging outside? The good news is there are now several tricks and tools to help you kill a mole. If you are not yet a seasoned mole killer, it is best to stick with the most basic yet effective ways of getting rid of moles.

Mole Trap

Similar to mouse trap, mole traps are known to kill a mole right away. However, the setting up of the trap is crucial in ensuring the kill. The trap is placed under a flattened tunnel, where the moles are expected to dig. Currently, mole traps come in two types, the re-usable and disposable ones. If the mole infestation has grown to more than one, it is best to buy several disposable traps that can be spread all over the yard.

However, if you are not confident enough about killing a mole, you may also opt of live mole trap. It only captures the mole upon trigger, which allows you to release the mole outside of your yard, preferably miles away to prevent resurgence.

Mole repellent

For a lesser method of shooing moles away from your property, you can get yourself some mole repellent. Moles have poor eyesight but extremely strong sense of small. Fortunately, you can use this to your advantage by using repellent oils in your yard. One of the scents that moles cannot stand is that of castor oil. You can prepare a spray mixture that has a strong scent of castor oil and spread it all over the yard to completely drive away moles. In fact, this method can also be used as a mole prevention, in case you still do not have any noticeable mole infestation in your own yard.

You can also take advantage of your lawn area to plant deterrent herbs including garlic, bay leaf, and chocolate lilies. All of these plants have been proven to be effective mole repellents, but necessary in cases where the mole infestation already created significant damages to the yard.

Some Caution when Getting Rid of Moles

While all of these mole control tools are already accessible, it is important to remember that their effectiveness still largely depends on your preparations. Consider the usage of mole traps, for instance. In order to kill a mole, the tunnel where moles are most active should first be accurately determined, otherwise, the mole trap will not serve its purpose.

It can be tempting to attack right away once you realize that moles are ruining the yard that you dedicatedly built. However, waiting and observing the moles’ behavior in the yard may also save you from repeatedly buying mole traps and mole repellents.

There is nothing that early detection and sufficient knowledge on how to kill a mole cannot fix. The only challenge is to have the presence of mind, and take the time to strategize against these moles.

If in any case the mole infestation in your house reaches an uncontrollable level, it is best to contact a pest management firm, immediately.