Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

Science categorizes bed bugs as parasitic insects. These little pests drink blood from their victims causing irritation on the body. When their existence became well-known, people wondered how to kill these bed bugs.

This concern gave birth to the first pesticide made as a bed bug exterminator. It led to a widespread killing of bed bugs around the world and the problem died down for a while. However, the resiliency of these insects has allowed them to adapt and still thrive up to this day.

Regardless of location, reports on a bed bug infestation are a constant. The most common questions by people experiencing this problem are: How to get rid of bed bugs for good? How do I get rid of bed bugs? What kills bed bugs?

Due to the tough nature of these insects, there is no one answer to these questions. There are already a lot of products that serve as a bed bug killer or a tool for bed bug removal. All of which are readily available in local stores.

Bed Bug Control

Pest management in your home is similar to how agriculturists do it in the field and that is through the integration of a well thought out plan. This may contain guidelines that include steps on how to prevent bed bugs from spreading, using good sanitation practices, and the use of chemical products on bed bug living areas. Here are some items that you can use in getting rid of bed bugs:

Silica Gel

This is a popular bed bug trap. Buy a small container of crystal silica gel to rub on furniture and suspected bed bug areas. Your bed room and walls are usually where they’re seen, make sure you cover them.

When these insects come into contact with the gel, it serves as a substance that smothers and traps their bodies causing a continuous loss of fluids eventually killing the insect. These are also natural alternatives like the Diatomaceous Earth that basically does the same thing.


A sure fire way to kill bed bugs are to use a variant of insecticide called residual insecticides. The formulation usually comes in liquid sprays or dust particles so that it can get into even the tiniest holes to reach the bed bug nest.

Each suspected spot must be applied with the product to cover the widest area. Before application though, you have to try and clean out these gaps so that the formula goes all the way through. After application, if bed bugs are still found after a couple of weeks reapply the chemicals to the previous locations you applied it. Try to search for new bed bug locations as well because they may have laid eggs and repopulated through that place. Finding, applying, and reapplying will eventually clear out the pest problem.

How to get rid of bed bugs your self

It is actually a daunting task but if you are up to the challenge then you can start to DIY it through your steam-producing gadget, house vacuum, home cleaning practices, and even the rubbing alcohol you use.

1. Steam – When you use steam, the hot gas will reach even the deepest parts of a bed bug site raising the temperature to a level that their insect bodies won’t be able to endure and in time they will die. If their eggs are reached, these won’t hatch and become a future problem.

2. Laundry – The heat of the sun can also be a tool to kill off these bugs. When doing laundry and house cleaning, you can put your big items like the sofa and chairs outside during the day to heat it and killing any insect and egg living in it. As for smaller items like clothes, bed sheets, and stuff toys before exposing them to the sun wrap them in plastic so that no allergens get inside it like dust and dirt.

3. Rubbing Alcohol – As for the alcohol, the mixture in most of these items can be too harsh for the bed bug and direct contact with it kills them instantly. Even the eggs aren’t an exception, but you have to pour it in the cracks where they’re found so that it can kill them.

4. Throw away infested items – If you find an item that is already heavily infested with bed bugs and you don’t really use it, it is best to throw it away. Just make that you don’t throw it near your land because this will only allow the bugs to come back. Dispose of it in a remote area or a garbage dump.

5. House repairs – Cracks on your house and other gaps are the most suitable areas where these pests reside. If you find one, you must act on it immediately by repairing it to avoid an infestation from happening. Start by filling up the wall cracks with an all-around sealant and may be you can use an adhesive to completely shut any loose parts on bedroom wallpapers.

6. Check inside storage spaces – If you own a house that has a drawer for utensils, cupboards, and a cabinet for china then it’s imperative that during a bed bug problem you should include these areas in your search. This is also another common place you can find different pests living in because it doesn’t get touched a lot.

7. Luggage and bags – These types of items are stored away for a long time and it means that it can attract bed bugs to live in them. Before travelling, you should have these items cleaned to avoid getting bed bugs in your home and most especially to avoid introducing bed bugs to the location you are travelling to.

Seek Professional Help

Ridding your house of bed bugs can be time-consuming and most people with the means can hire these professional exterminators to do the task for them. There are pest control companies that offer their services in many places. The great thing about this service is that they already have a system in place and they have the equipment, methods, and materials necessary to effectively and efficiently clean your house of these pesky bed bugs.

Several methods have been discussed on how you can get rid of bed bugs and all of them are effective in killing and removing bed bugs. But, you have to remember that a clean place is a bug repellent on its own. So before you go on thinking that your house is infested with bugs, you must first start cleaning and if the problem is still their then it would be the perfect time to decide on what product or service to use.