How to Get Rid of Chipmunks: Do Not Let Their Cuteness Trick You

Who does not love chipmunks? These cute and tiny creatures are just funny and lovable. With their eyes so small bulgy body, you really can’t just love them. Chipmunks belong to the family of ground-dwelling, squirrel-like rodent species. They are mostly found in eastern parts of Canada, and in the United States, specifically in North America. There is also one type of this animal that is found in Asia, the Siberian Chipmunk.

Chipmunks are known for their habit of eating peanuts with their paws up to the mouth, and matched with bulging cheeks. They build their habitat underground, in places near a fallen log, or simply just in stone walls. Usually, chipmunk families nest and share in one burrow, where it suits them best because it can have several chambers not only for food but also for sleeping. As with their reproduction, female chipmunks will usually produce from 4 to 5 babies per breeding season, during spring and summer. And when it comes to their diet, they usually feed on nuts, grains, seeds, and berries. Interestingly, these animals are intelligent enough, because they prepare sufficient food for the winter season. During autumn, chipmunks gather enough supply and kept it in their nesting grounds.

These cute little creatures can be beneficial in a lot of ways. They truly are omnivorous, meaning they eat from meat materials to plant materials. They feed on bugs, decaying meat, seeds, grubs, or anything that just is scattered around your yard. Chipmunks are your ideal partner when it comes to cleaning your surroundings outdoors. They could be a real help in tidying up your yard without costing you any amount.

If you are wondering why are we talking about the benefits these chipmunks give you while the main point that we should discuss is about how to get rid of them? Well, to be fair with their family, we should discuss all things from their characteristics, habitat, diet, and reproduction. Getting each side of the story, chipmunks have their good habits, as well as the bad ones. Bad ones, you say? We shall now enter the dark world of chipmunks.

Sure, chipmunks are lovable and their cuteness just explodes, but they could be a real pain in the head too. Do not let their lovely appearance trick you or you might end up seeing your yard destroyed piece by piece. Let us now answer the questions, “what could these chipmunks do and why should I get rid of them?” There is a lot of reasons why you should get chipmunks away from your home. For starters, they build burrows around your house that will serve as their nesting ground and habitat. These underground holes can weaken your structure’s foundation. Because of the weak foundation, your house that could be your protective guard against calamities like a typhoon or earthquake may not protect your family anymore. Another thing that chipmunks may do is, they dig up on your vegetation especially on young shoots and leaves. So when you love gardening and consider it as your daily morning habit, it is quite annoying to see that it has been destroyed by these little squirrel-like animals. When you have a bird pet, expect that these annoying chipmunks will feed on their seed, hatchlings, and eggs. Yes, sad as it may seem but they are really capable of doing this. You may now be feeling a sort of disappointment towards these little creatures, but be at ease because we just have the right solution on how to get rid of them.

There are lots of precautionary and preventive measures on how to get rid of chipmunks. It is your call on what type of method you are going to use; just be sure to follow each step accurately to really eliminate these chipmunks. When you are tired of following their trail and not catching them, well we will help you with that. This article will only not provide you with chipmunks control but we will also give you information on how you can make your own chipmunk traps.

Your Basic, Easy-to-Follow Chipmunk Control

Do Make Your Yard Well Groomed. This is the most basic thing that you need to keep in mind: keeping your yard very clean. Having a well groomed yard will reduce or even get rid of those annoying chipmunks. A well groomed yard is basically a yard that is free from debris like brush piles, stacks of firewood, rock piles, thick bushes, and other places that can serve as chipmunk’s habitat. Be sure to make your grasses well trimmed and near the edges of the building so that chipmunks will not have a chance to build their nest and burrow their way underground. In the pest control industry, this is called habitat modification and is one of the best and efficient ways to reduce the pests’ population, including chipmunks. Yes, when they are being a disturbance, they are considered to be pests.

Do Use Commercial Repellants. Sometimes, repellants are really not that much effective because rodent pests will just eventually adapt to the smell of it and will just continue in infesting your home. Make sure to follow this tip: use different kinds of repellants so that chipmunks will not grow accustomed to one smell only. By following this, guaranteed that the number of chipmunks or any types of pests will significantly be reduced.

Do Use Some Hardware Cloth to Certain Areas to Keep Chipmunks Away. It has been stated from the above statements that chipmunks can have their nest and habitat by digging a hole in the ground. Fortunately, hardware cloth is something that could be your protective barrier in your outdoor surroundings especially near newly planted bulbs, and under structures and porches where they usually build their burrow. Simply just lay a piece of hardware cloth on bulbs and cover it with dirt to keep chipmunks away from it.

Do Use Fumigants or Poisons. Please consider this as your last option in setting up your chipmunk control. We know or a fact that fumigants or poisons, if not handled properly could not only harm you but also your loved ones. So be sure to contact your local conservation office first before using these controls and remember to carefully follow the indicated instructions on the package.

Do Use Organic Repellants. These are a great alternative for using commercially-made repellants, fumigants, or poisons. Aside from being safe, it is also cheap and is greatly effective. These repellants are made from large predatory animals like wolf or fox, so you are guaranteed that it is purely organic. There are plenty of sources that you can find on the internet so there is nothing to worry about in buying organic repellants.

Do Use Thistle or Safflower Seeds. Instead of using sunflower seeds in feeding your bird feeders, using thistle or safflower seeds is a great alternative. Using these seeds is a good way to keep chipmunks away from feeding in your bird feeders. Just put in a decent amount of these seeds and consider your problem solved.

The above mentions are your methods on how to prevent chipmunks from invading your home. Very easy and convenient to use, getting rid of these pests can be done in no time. But If you have not done these controls yet, and have let these chipmunks destroy your outdoor surroundings, we will guide you by the hand on how to catch them by setting up traps. Below are just some of the methods that you can use to really get rid of them.

Do Buy a Live Animal Trap. These traps are readily available in big supermarkets or any pet store. Depending on the type, their prices depend on the material used in making the trap. Either way, it could still be your best friend in catching chipmunks. You already know based from the above information that chipmunks feed on peanuts, grains, and seeds. So to attract their way into the trap, you can put in a handful amount of peanut, or seed, depending on your preference. They will then find themselves trapped into the cage. After this, you can remove the chipmunks from the trap but make sure to follow the ordinance from your city in proper handling of these pests.

Do Place Outside, a Bucket Half-Filled with Water. Lean a strong wooden plank on the side of the bucket of water. Then sprinkle a handful amount of sunflower seeds or peanuts on the grass around the bucket, on the plank, and in the water itself. Chipmunks will crawl their way into the bucket and if you are lucky, they will fall in the water, get drowned, and eventually will die. Afterwards, dispose the dead chipmunk or seek guidance from your city animal control agency for proper handling. Be sure that when handling dead animals, you should wear protective gears like gloves and wash your hand thoroughly afterwards.

Do Use Mousetraps. Contrary to the common belief, mousetraps are not just for mouse. They can also be used for trapping and killing chipmunks. Put it a mixture of peanut butter and oatmeal on the trap to attract the chipmunk. In an instant, it will kill the chipmunk. These traps are very economical and convenient to use. So when you want to give yourself some extra time in doing other household chores or activities, mouse traps can be your tool in getting rid of these cute little pests. Again, be sure to coordinate with your city or town animal control agency to seek guidance on how to handle dead animals properly to not cause any infection or contamination in your home.

Do Set Out Mothballs Around Your House. Not only useful in driving little bugs and insects like cockroaches away, mothballs can be used to take chipmunks away near your plants. These may not eliminate chipmunks completely, but you have already annoyed them and there might be a chance that they will not be coming back for good.

Do Let Your Pets Roam Outside Your House. Chipmunks are frightened by the presence of your cat or dog. So make sure that you take them outside for some time, to drive away those little critters.

Do Spray a Little Amount of Hot Sauce or Pepper Spray on Your Plants’ Surfaces. Doing this will basically keep the chipmunks away from destroying your vegetation. Because of its content, chipmunks get annoyed and will eventually avoid getting into your plants. You can also use cayenne pepper as an alternative.

Do Seek Professional Services to Get Rid of These Little Creatures Completely. When the above methods are just not enough to exterminate chipmunks, you can have no reason to seek for a professional service. Sure, you can be a chipmunk killer all you want but there will always be a time where you can’t handle these pests by yourself that it why you need to have a help from an expert. Consider them your friendly neighborhood; they will exterminate these chipmunks in no time. From using materials that will drive away these pests from their nesting grounds, your trust in them and value for your money is guaranteed. Spending just a few bucks with a super result is really not that much of a pain the head. By getting their help, you just do not free you self from stress but you can also give a lot more time and value with your family. You can basically go on a weekend trip without thinking much because these professionals have already solved the problem for you. Be at ease for it is their job to deliver you quality service that you will not regret.

First things first, chipmunks are surely lovable and cute. They can serve as a beneficial animal in your backyard. But they can also be a pain in your head when they start feeding on your plant materials and bird feeders. Worse, they can cause structural damage by building their nest underground. When invaded by chipmunks, be sure to follow the above methods accurately. Above all, remember to really keep your outdoor clean and free from any residual materials.