How to Get Rid of Crows: Everything You Need to Know About Driving These Birds Away

This planting season, one of the problems to watch out for are crows. They have been a huge farm problem for countless of years, and they continue to be the same old obnoxious birds until now. They can also be resilient, adapting to the various traps that have been devised against them for years.

Let’s get to know these black birds and find out the best ways to get rid of crows for the longest period possible.

What are crows?

Crows are birds that belongs to the genus Corvus in the family Corvidae. Crows are considered to be the smartest of the birds or even among all the animals. A group of crows are called a “murder” or “flock”. Technically, the term “crow” would refer to the birds that belongs to the family of Corvus genus. Crows are commonly black and can be classified as ravens, crows, jackdaws and rooks.

Crows have the sub-classifications, namely, the fish crow, which can be found near the bodies of water and would eat generally anything, and the American Crow, which can be found on open fields, and like the fish crow, they eat almost anything. Crows are sociable birds and usually go in a flock

A raven can also be classified as a crow. But unlike the common crows, ravens tend to live alone or just in pairs. Compared to the crows, ravens are bigger. Ravens are commonly spotted on forests but can do well with humans.

Ravens and Crows are considered as the smartest type of birds, with the ability of ravens to solve complicated problems and crow’s ability to use tolls that they make themselves. But despite this smartness, this birds can still cause damages.

The Problem with Crows

Crows can be noisy and disturbing when in flocks. They also have the tendency to harass other animals and even humans. Crows have caused a lot of troubles on farmlands. To start off, there have been a lot of complaints about crows harassing newly born animals such as goats, pigs, and cows. Farmers also complain because of the damages crows do to their plants and crops. Crows end to eat seeds of sunflowers, water melon, peanuts that are dried on open fields. They also eat the kernels of matured corns. All these behaviors have not only been nuisances but also an economic hindrance to the affected farmlands.

Furthermore, crows even tend to harm other birds. They would eat eggs of other birds or the newly hatched when it’s in the nesting season. Crows can also be associated to the spreading of diseases. Because of their scavenger-like behavior, they are prone to getting more viruses and bacteria that can be spread airborne, which can be inhaled by humans. Termites and ticks could also go with crows that could cause diseases such as meningitis, pox, and plagues. The main problem is that these birds are smart and wise, thus crows control does not always come easy even for the most seasoned farmer.

How to get rid of crows

No matter how difficult, there should be no excuse for not trying hard enough to control crows. With the right strategy, it is still possible to win against these birds.

There are products that are sold to remove, scare or repel crows away. Some of these products are:

– Bird spikes: these are metal row of spikes that are placed on the areas where the crows usually lands or stay, it’s intention is not to hurt the bird but to prevent it from landing in the area.

– CD called Crows be Gone: this cd plays natural sounds of nature that scares the crows away.

– Bird Xpeller Pro: a device that sends distress signals to the crows, it will make the birds think that the area is not safe to go to. There is also the Ultrasonic Crow repellent, it sends ultrasonic sound waves that humans can’t hear but are effective to annoy or scare birds away.

Those are just few products that a person can buy. But there are also less expensive and homemade remedies to get rid of the crows.

First is the good old scare crows. It has been used for years and proven to be effective. It should be dressed in bright colors, with some strings with noisemakers attached around it for added scare. The most practical way cleanings the surroundings. Crows are scavengers, removing any food and water supply would lose the crow’s motivation to go to the area.

A really god way to ensure winning against crows is to learn to combine these crow control methods, especially during the outbreak season, which is spring and summer. It’s better to be fully geared up against crows, because once they start attacking, they can be even more challenging to handle.