How to Get Rid of Pigeons – Ways to Keep them off

Pigeons are wonderful birds and are everywhere in the country now from over 2 thousand years ago. Because they adapt to the environment easily these days, their existence have become a major problem to house properties and cars in a short span of time.

Getting rid of them on your own can be a daunting task. Their droppings can tarnish house roofs, car hoods, statues and monuments in every public place they may please, which can be considered as a major problem. Their droppings contain dangerous bacteria and fungi that is also a threat to human.

Another major damage they can give to us is when they secrete in a storage room. Since pigeons also have an inbred instinct to stay to a certain place when they feel safe and attached to it, warehouse managers or the management may have contaminated goods, which is not a very good result for consumers or customers. This is a common problem people may face since pigeons stay where there is food. There may be more than to the list I gave but there are also numbers of ways of getting rid of pigeons. These are just some but are worth a try.

How to keep pigeons away

An easy way to get rid of them is by installing spike strips that can be attached almost anywhere where a bird might place its nest such as around the roofs on your house. Having these set up, the birds will not be comfortable with the spikes and will move to a safer place to lay their eggs on.

Another way is to set up sticky chemicals that will surely make it very uneasy for birds to land on it. One spray will most likely do the job. These sticky chemicals can be found from stores that offer or sell pest controlling products.

Here is another way that may drive pigeons away. Setting up an owl or hawk statues on your roof is a big threat to them in the first place but since pigeons are intelligent birds, they may easily find these owls or hawks fake in a span of 3 days or so. But this method is worth a try to give them a warning signal that there are threats around your property. Owning a cat will definitely do the job. These cats will likely hunt these pigeons down. Pigeons will be disturbed enough for them to leave the property.

Setting up strings from one end to another end on places where they can possibly nest is also a great way to keep them away, being unable to balance on that certain place is the key to keep them off. Be sure to take note of the measurements of the materials you will use for this method before buying though.

Making sure there is no food available for them around your house may do the job. Also make sure to close all dumpster lids and have all the garbage inside it. Without food, they will not bother on nesting there and will find another place to nest. Avoid feeding the pigeons around your house as well. This will give them an idea that there is food around your property. Pigeons do have long memory when it comes to food sources and such.

Removing any or perhaps all roosting stuff they have made up already can also be effective; they will get annoyed by this and will move to another place instead making another one.

Closing all possible opening for pigeons to get in for nesting is another effective way to prevent future damages and problems. Make sure attic vents are properly closed to keep the birds out from your house. Screening the vents can be a good thing to do as well. If pigeons can do get inside through an opening you just can’t close, creating a slope surface will discourage them from roosting or nesting on ledges.

Use your garden hose and spray water to pigeons. They will be bothered by the concentration of water targeted at them. Though you will need to do this frequently to give these pigeons a big “keep away from me” sign from your property. For pigeons that are already staying in your property, it is more effective to spray them at night. They will definitely leave after a couple days of being disturbed during the night.

Using reflective things as an advantage to keep them off can be effective. They are annoyed by the shining bright light from these objects. Use mirrors or empty pie pans and place them in areas where they are usually sighted. You can also use old CD’s as a reflective device.

Try using party snaps to get rid of them. You can buy these party snaps from party stores and the like. This can be very effective if you’re getting rid of pigeons in a small area. When pigeons land this party snaps, the snaps will likely explode and will scare them off. These party snaps are also harmless and safe from and around children.

For areas where pigeons can’t be blocked, you can always use a weatherproof bird sound alarm or device to scare them off when they get back to their nests.

Using poisons may cause another risk if you use them against these dirty pigeons. You may end up poisoning other birds and animals such as owls and pets within the facility or property. Pigeon carcasses will definitely give you more problems and future health problems

These are just some of the methods you can use to keep these pigeons away but most of them are worth a try. You can also try modifying these methods to get the best out of it. Whatever the method you use to keep pigeons away from your property, be sure not to hurt or kill them as they are protected by law. Contacting a pest control professional can also do the job for good.