How to Get Rid of Rats, Forever!

Dangerous Rats

Rats have proven the statement, “small but terrible” truthful. The little warm-blooded rodents can fit anywhere and survive everywhere. They compensate their size through the amount of danger they pester to people. The trace of their urine and their droppings that are found everywhere could really be very stinky. In addition, the nuisance they create at night, since they are nocturnal mammals, is unberable especially during bedtime. They also destroy the furniture using their very strong teeth in chewing. Moreover, they spoil your food endangering the health of your loved ones.

Most of all, they carry parasites such as mites, fleas and ticks that can be passed on to pets and to people. Not only that, the diseases they carry could really be fatal, and in some most serious cases could lead to death. They carry diseases like leptospiroses, salmonella and cryptosporidiosis which are certainly dangerous to your heald and might cause serious infections leading to death. Overall, these rodents could really be damaging not only to the properties you have, but most of all to your heigiene and your physical well-being, thus it is most appropriate to get rid of these rats.

Detecting of Rats

One disturbing problem is that, most of the time, people don’t have a clue that they already have rats infestation. Because rats are nocturnal, don’t be surprised if you cant see them during daylight. Since it is unusual for you to see them during day time, the best option to do is to observe their signs. The first sign you have to watch out for is their dropping or feces and urine traces. They are very easy to find since it could smell really nasty and are mostly found in the corners of the house, mats and floorboards. To add, their natural smell is really foul as well. Another notable sign that a rat is present in your house are their burrows. They are tiny holes usually used to store up for their foods or passage way for them to reach food or water, and of course, it serves as their shelter as well.

Also, Gnawing signs and gresae marks on the furniture or plastic containers are also visual hints. Moreover, you might also want to check the packs of food you store for some teeth marks. Auditory signs could also be observed during nightime when you hear scampering noise or scratching sound which could really be annoying during bedtime. Finally, in most extreme cases, you may want to check their nests through their runways in deep, dark, and warm locations where they can hide their breeding. In summary, you can detect that rats have already invaded your abode using your visual hints, olfactory clues, and auditory observations.

Determine the Cause

Understanding the reasons why they are present in your residence would be very beneficial in preventing their coming or breeding (if they are already present). Like every living creature, rats too, seek to survive by looking for suitable shelter and sustenance. It is a warm invitation for shelter if litters are present in your yard such as plastics, paper bags and others. Also, garbage bins with no lids or loosed lids are suitable place for them to stay also. Their favorite menu are the foods for your pets like birdseeds and petfood for your dogs. For snacks, they always love bread crumbs and spolied leftovers. If you have fruitbearing trees, they could also live through fallen fruits. Also, leaks and stagnant water are good sources to satisfy their thirst giving them more reasons to stay. Finally, they love to play around dirty, so unregulated compost site or neglected worm bins and dog poops are their favorite playground. The consequences of these failures in sanitation and unmanaged proper waste disposal could be a warm welcome for your household pests.

Domicile of Rats

Spotting the location of the rats could really be tricky, but you can always find them using three clues: dark, isolated and warm. Since these rodents are nocturnal, they always prefer to live in dark places like your ceilings, wall insulations, basements or attics. Also, opting for isolated places is strategic for hiding. You will see them in box plies or stockrooms, including spaces where you don’t often visit. Lastly, as mentioned, they are warm-blooded so they would always seek out for warm places. They would probably stay in cupboard counters, near your heater or just behind your furnace. Certainly, when a place is either dark, isolated, warm or the combination of three is certainly the most convenient place for these unwanted residents to stay.

Destroying Rats

There are many ways how to kill a rat. You can choose from two most common strategy, the aggressive and the non-aggressive way of killing rats which would definitely variate in your principles. Most of the time, those with choleric and sanguine temperaments prefer a more militant way of exterminating rats, but for those who are melancholic and phlegmatic, a more sympathetic approach is utilized.

There are several approaches that can be implemented using aggression. The most famous is a s snap trap- definitely a rat killer. It is the fastest way of killing a rat not to mention its reliability. You can set these traps in the most recommended places where rats are most likely to be found. Note that you have to make sure that these traps are startegically safe from your loved ones especially children. Another conventional way of killing rats is through poisoning. There are different poisons that can be found in your local stores or you can also make some of your personal homemade poisons.

The only deterent in using poison is that, they don’t die immediately after taking the poison. Sometimes it would take few minutes or hours enabling them to go back to their hidden homes which would later on produce fould odors from their rotting bodies, not to mention the difficulty of retrieving the deceased body of the rats. Finally, the less common is the Glue Boards. Rats’ feet are glued on a sticky liquid property and as they try to escape, they will lick or bite the board making their mouths also glued on the board which would later on cause into suffocation. At the end of the day, as you try to implement these aggressive approaches in exterminating the rats, juts make sure that they are planned carefully so that you and the safety of your family will not be compromised.

In most rare occasions, there are some people who will prepfer to use a more peaceful way of killing their rats. This startegy is called Rat Cage Trap where a bait is place inside the cage and as the rat enters it, the lever will automatically be pulled down trapping the rat inside the cage. Later on, the trapped rat will be released in a remote location, most preferably with thick vegetated locations. This is a more humane way of how to catch a rat, however the success rate is not that significant.

Drive Away the Rats

The general truth that you must know is that, killing a rat or a number of rats will not drive away the rats. In fact, their number will increase even more because deceased rats will increase the availability of their sustenace. Killing rats will only solve the existing problem temporarily, however it will not be a long time solution to your problem. Rat Control Management is still the most effective way of driving out all rats in your place. The concept of this idea is quite simple. In refenrece to their need to survive, you only have to secure all possible shelter locations and eliminate their source of sustenance. This way, they will not have any reason to stay. These are some recommendations of on how to completely get rid of rats:

First, you need to eliminate possible food source. Place your leftovers, spoiled foods, pet food, birdseeds, dog poop or empty food cans in a garbage bin with a tight lid-lock. Also, do not use food leftovers for compost and make sure to properly dispose fallen fruits and vegetables.

Second, you need to cut-off their water source. All objects capable of accumulating water should be kept neatly such as cans, pails, containers and even pots.

Third, keep it all clean. You need to impose proper waste disposal in handling your rubbish. Arrange every clutter tidily and throw away scrap items.

Fourth, you need to cover little openings in your house that could be a entry-point for rats. You need to inspect every part of your house and identify the possible locations of where rats might stay. This way you can have precautionary measures, like rat repellants, to prevent them from residing on those areas.

Fifth, keep the foods secured in your storage by making sure that the locks are tight and clean. Finally, the success of these measures is dependent on team effort. All family members must be well-informed about the campaign against rats. Further, if you can lobby this issue to your community, it would be even better so that everyone will be concerned about the detrimental effects of these rats.

Overall, the endeavor to completely get rid of rats will not just eliminate the nuisance it creates but above all it will secure the protection of your home, health and hygiene.