How to Get Rid of Roaches – Methods Commonly Used to Kill and Keep Roaches Away

No matter how organized and clean your house may be, there will always be a place or a roach infestation area just around the corner in almost every house or property, lurking in the night and eating your left overs as soon as the lights are out.

Distinguishing these pests are not hard, the adults contain tan or light brown color with two dark strips on their protonum sighted from their head to their back. If you find black roaches with these marks, it will be the young.

Yes these nasty guys have wings but they prefer to run that to fly around and they rarely use their wings as way of transportation. An adult german roach grow to a length up to 16mm.

Aside from the disgusting feature they show, they carry bacteria and lots of germs with them as their favorite place to go are not even close to clean. They usually fill the spaces in pipes where almost anything goes through the pipe, especially waste pipes.

If you are living in an apartment, or perhaps an old house, then this will definitely be your number one enemy pest. You will be surprised by the number of these pests at first but don’t give up just yet as there is a roach control professional you could call to get the job done. But what if the pest controllers are delayed due to some appointments they need to attend to? Of course you are not alone here. In case you can’t wait for another day or two and become desperate, yes, you can get rid of roaches yourself and I can advise you some tips on how to kill roaches.

These roaches that you usually find in your house are called german roaches. These german roaches are common and is the most widespread roaches in the United States. They are also very resilient due to many factors, some of which are lack of natural predators in the area.

They reproduce in a rapid pace. The distance between a nymph and maturity isn’t far enough, giving them the lead to reproduce rapidly. Unlike any other residential cockroaches, these german roaches reproduce faster than them. When a female german roach is fertilized, it will then develop an otheca, situated in her abdomen which will then swell as soon as the eggs develop. The eggs are fully developed when this otheca is visible from the end of its abdomen. At first, it appears to be white, and then later it will turn pink after a few hours. After 2 days, this otheca will turn to light brown and then to chestnut. When it is near to its final maturation, you will observe a little curl in the left or the right.

Getting rid of roaches can be a daunting task if you are all alone especially if you are facing a large amount of these nasty pests. So how to get rid of these german roaches? There are quite a number of methods that can you can use so let’s discuss them one by one.

They say this one method “a” is the best roach killer method and this other method “b” is much better and this method “c” is the best one. You should get confused easily on which method to use to wipe the roaches out but what is important is how you plan on everything to totally eradicate these pests. So let’s start off by discussing one of the commonly used methods.

Roach Traps and Sticky Papers

Some are using roach traps to get them and have them killed and some use roach bait to get them all in one shot. Some even use sticky papers to get the pests and let them die while struggling to get away from the sticky paper. But why do these pests get caught from these traps? Is it really because of the food? Well, that is one point but where is the best spot to place these traps anyway?

Since these roaches are easily attracted to paper (newspapers, magazines, paper bags, shoe boxes, stacked cardboard boxes, bottom of paper cups and the like), it will be more effective to place these sticky paper near the potential places where they may camp or stay for shelter. Also do not forget to place the food in the sticky paper.

Getting Rid of Roaches by Starving Them to Death

Since these roaches love to eat all the time, it will be best to get rid of what they love. Never leave food or water on your table or kitchen because these are the things they are after in the first place. Be sure to empty the cabinets first and then clean them. Do not let biscuit and food flakes be left on the floor. Vacuum the place every time before you go to bed to ensure that there are no food for these roaches to collect during the night. Make sure to close all garbage lids properly. Even your fruits are not exempted for this activity, close or cover your fruits securely to show the pests you are not hospitable to them. For dry goods, be sure to put them in a tightly sealed container so the roaches will never get ahold of this. If you have a tarnished wood shelf, might as well apply some varnish to it and then wipe them regularly to keep the shelves clean, roaches do not want to stay in a clean environment.

For cans and bottles, always wash and rinse before putting them inside your garbage containers and throw your garbage container on a regular basis, it is advisable to throw your garbage container every day. This way, roaches will almost have zero percent food sources, thus, leading them to relocate to a place where food and water source is abundant to them.

Clean Your House! Roaches Hate Clean Environment

This is also one way of getting rid of these roaches. After the pest controllers did the job for you (if you have called one), then you surely do not want to invite new roaches to stay in your house anymore. How can we lessen and repel the new comers? Clean your house, roaches really hate clean places.

In case you did not call a pest controller to do the job for you, don’t fret as you can still lessen the population of these pests by still, cleaning your house. Because paper materials will be put to proper places after cleaning, roaches will have no access to places they love to camp.

Certified Natural Roach Killers

Once you have your house cleaned and you have killed a number of these pests already, it is time to get rid of them for good and one way is to regularly spray and clean your house.

There are lots of available roach killer sprays in the market you can choose these days. You can use them to kill these pests and if you intend to use these killer sprays against the roaches, be sure to keep your food items in a safe place before spraying to avoid food poisoning.

Keep a close look at where they usually hide when seen, most of the places they camp are in cracked walls, open vents, garage, under your bed, storage room and even crevices. So do not forget to give these places a visit with the spray that you have to give the roaches a good bye.

Making a plan before going all out will dramatically increase the success rate of your attack, though it may sound crazy to plan an attack against these insects, but it is worth to plan ahead.

Dehydrate the Roaches

Humidity is what keeps them alive aside from food. So keep the faucets dry and close it after every use. This will dry up the area and will give them the lead to transfer to another place instead of staying. Together with securing your food items and securing the garbage lids, they will not get any food or water from you anymore and the result will significantly increase.

Make a DIY Killer Substance for Roaches

Yes, there may be a number of products available in the market today that you can use but there are also natural ways to kill these pests. The ingredients to make DIY roach killers can be found in your kitchen and other everyday use that you just don’t know yet. So we’ll start off with the basic and common roach killer.

Baking Soda

This is an effective killer for roaches if you mix an equal amount of sugar with it. Place it in small plates in areas where you think the roaches are camping and you are set. Be sure that the roaches have access to water when distributing this but do not give them a ton of source of water for this. Just a small amount near the bait and it should do the job. The sugar will attract the roaches and the baking soda will represent as a poison. It will react to water which is why the roaches’ should need to have access to water. Once the baking soda is taken by these nasty roaches, it will produce a chemical reaction that will burst inside the roaches’ stomach. Lots of dead roach will be found the next day.

Pit hole Petroleum

This is another way or method to use against these pests and they will surely fall for this. Get a bowl and apply a fairly thick petroleum jelly inside it. Put some food bait inside (literally any food) and leave it overnight. The next day you will find roach victims. The petroleum jelly will not let the roaches get away once they get inside. Remember to dispose roaches after use.

Cleaning Their Camps or Shelter

We will literally clean their shelter or wherever they are hiding. Try observing where they usually hide, to determine where they house is simple; during the night, in a pitch dark room, where possible food sources are everywhere, just turn the lights on and they will surely run to their house like mad. Take note on where they run towards and soon after we will clean their house. Get a vacuum ready and vacuum their way out from their houses or shelter. This method is much cleaner and easier than other methods.

Boric Acid Roaches

There is a way to paralyze and kill these nasty pests. But this method should be done correctly and with caution as it is dangerous to place these methods in places where your children and pet may get ahold of this. So if you intend to use this method against them, might as well put them in a place where pets and children will not have access to this.

Get a boric acid and mix it with flour and water. Place these deadly chemicals in jar lids or in places where they usually hide for shelter. You can use the method I had mentioned about to locate the places where the roaches hide for shelter. How it works is simple; the flour will represent as an invitation to roaches that there is something good in it. Once the roaches dig in, the boric acid will eat the roaches’ exoskeleton out, ensuring that you will have lots of cleaning the next day as there will be lots of dead roaches in your house.

These are simply just some of the methods that you can try to get rid of these nasty pests. Whatever method you use, what is important is to successfully eradicate the pests that is causing you inconvenience. Remember to always keep a safe location when planting the poisons. If you use sprayers to kill them, be sure to secure food items. You need to keep a close watch to your pets as well. They have the potential to eat the pests that are killed by poison.