How to Kill Ants: Get Rid of Your Tiny Little Enemies in No Time

Considered to be social insects of the Formicidae family and with over 12000 species in the world, most species of ants are beneficial in the sense that they feed on real pests like bed bugs and fleas. In most cases, these ants are not harmful enough to transmit any disease or cause you any trouble. But when these tiny little insects come in groups and invade your household, you’ve got to be prepared to get rid of them. Be at ease for you’ve come to the right place because we will provide the best way to kill ants.

Killing ants is just a piece of cake. Get to know things from how to kill ants naturally using your household products to how to kill ants chemically. If you’re looking for a solution on how to kill ants in the kitchen, or how to kill ants in the yard, consider your problem solved.

If you’re an environment-friendly, or just a practical one, household products are literally your natural ant killer. You can actually save money when you know how kill ants with household products. Exterminate them by using these homemade ant traps. You can choose from any of the following options below:

Table Salt – This is basically something that you often use in cooking your food. As seasoning, salt gives light and enhances the flavor of your recipe. In killing ants, it’s something that’s very cheap, accessible and effective. Make a salt solution by boiling water first then mixing salt into it and put it in a spraying bottle. Then you already know what to do next: spray the solution over to where the ants appear.

Pepper – Basically, you can’t just have salt in your cooking. Of course, pepper is the salt’s lifetime partner. One can’t just go without the other or your food’s going to have a dull flavor. The same as with salt, pepper is your pal when it comes to natural ant killer. Whether its cayenne or simply just black pepper, one thing is for sure, you can get rid of these ants in a minute. Simply just mix with water put in a spraying bottle and you’re good to go.

Vinegar – We began with salt, then pepper, and now vinegar. You might think we’re trying to cook ants here, but no; we’re still on the topic on how to kill ants with household products. Vinegar is a highly acidic liquid that can kill ants effectively. Though it is widely used for cooking and making your dishes have a taste of sourness, vinegar is a great repellant for ants and it can really burn their little feet, making them die eventually. Same as with the above process, make a vinegar solution by mixing an equal amount of water with vinegar of course, then spray it over those annoying ants.

Lemon – By making use of this citrus fruit, you can have a great lemonade juice for your family or you can use this as an effective weapon to kill ants. With its acidic content, it is by far the ant’s best killer compared to other types of fruit. Make a lemon juice and use one part in drinking, and the other one for killing ants.

Detergent soap – No household does not have this. The soap’s component is harmful to any type of ants because it dehydrates the pest by breaking down its exoskeleton. Still, combine the soap with water and spray it to where the ants appear.

Perfume – Getting rid of them or driving them away is one alternative for killing them. Perfumes are one of the best solutions in making this possible. Soaking a very strong perfume and placing it to the ants’ entry points will irritate them. As they are not able to tolerate the perfume’s scent, they will probably stay away from that place and presto, you’re now free from ants.

Baby Powder – Make sure you buy a powder that is scented because ants hate the smell of it. Just sprinkle a handful of it to areas where ants appear. Surely, they’re now trapped and got nowhere to go. Soon, they will just leave your house.

Cucumber – So if you’re on a beauty therapy and using a cucumber for enhancing your skin, throwing away your cucumber is a big no. Cut it into tiny little pieces, and then place it in the ants’ area. They can’t stand its taste and it will really drive them away. It is something that is really useful for digestion, skin, and of course killing ants.

Cornmeal – Ants can mostly be found in areas where there is food, as they search for it, especially in the kitchen. Another method on how to kill ants in the kitchen is by feeding them with corn meal. Ants gather these granules, take it back to their nest and feast on it. But the catch is they can’t digest it. Corn meal is what kills ants because when eaten, it expands in their stomach which bursts afterwards and eventually leads them to death. Cornmeal is a very non-harmful way of killing ants. As an alternative, you can also use any kind of dried rice or wheat flour. Either way, these serve a common purpose: being a homemade ant killer.

Petroleum Jelly – Smearing petroleum jelly along the edges will keep your pet bowls or any desired area from ants.

Chalk – Draw on barriers using chalk. Calcium carbonate is a substance found in chalks that irritate ants.

Packaging tape – Packaging tapes can sometime do the trick in killing ants. Simply just tape those little ants and when they stick to it, squash them until they die. It may sound odd, but this surely makes the process easier and it is definitely a sure kill.

Truly, the above solutions are your best friend when it comes killing ants naturally. Considered pet safe ant killer, you have nothing to worry about affecting any of your beloved cat or dog. You have not just killed these pests, but you have also saved the environment: by not contributing to any wastes that could harm it. Natural way is the solution on how to kill indoor ants.

Moving on, whenever they may belong, we will teach you how to kill indoor ants and even how to kill ants outdoors using these products that can easily be found on supermarkets. Also, get to know the details from how to kill carpenter ants to how to kill fire ants. There are lots of chemically-made products that are intended for getting rid of ants. You can use any of these products, but below are highly suggested:

Borax – If you’re more of a practical person, you can just make your own borax ant killer solution at home. Know how to kill ants with boric acid by following these steps. To make your boric acid, mix together 1 tablespoon of borax, ? cup of water and 1 cup of sugar in a saucepan. Bring it to boil for 3 minutes and let it cool for a minute or two. It should really be cool and slightly thick. Afterwards, look for the place where these killer ants come out. But before putting the solution in, clean the area first with something will get rid of the ants effectively. Place the borax solution in a lid afterwards. Let those little pests feed on it. Most probably, they will eat it, take it back to their queen and it might take a day or two before they die. Conclusively, this is how you kill ants with borax. One thing to remember though, FDA claims that Borax is safe, but it is not child or pet friendly. So make sure you handle it properly. After using the saucepan, wash it thoroughly to get rid of any borax residue. You surely don’t want to feed your family with borax, do you? So if you want to know how to kill ants with borax, just refer to these instructions.

Terro – When you want something that’s handy and just available in the market; you definitely would love to try this one. Terro is product that it really intended for killing pests such as spiders, and of course ants. They offer a wide variety of products from termite and aerosol for carpenter ants, ant killer spray, fruit fly traps, to ant traps. For killing ants, it is best to use terro ant killer. The same as with the above method, terro ant traps contain an active component that will kill ants: borax. Also, it contains a sweet liquid that will attract these pests. They will then feed on it, and you’ll notice that other ants will follow. They will harvest some of this and take some back to their colony.

Surprisingly, it will kill the ants in 1 to 2 days. One good feature about these traps is that the effectiveness of its active ingredient does not diminish over time because it has no expiration date. However, it may be less appetizing for foraging ants to feed on something that is not really that fresh. It’s like any food-based product that if taken fresh, has more appetizing effect. Wondering how to kill ants outdoors? Terro ant traps are specifically designed for controlling pests outdoor. It comes with a weatherproof station feature that prevents it from drying out. So if you’re thinking that these traps won’t have a lasting effect, think again. It is recommended to change these traps regularly every three months so the ants will keep on returning. Evidently, when asking “how to kill ants in the yard,” terro ant traps are your best problem solver.

Raid – With their line “kill the queen and the entire colony,” raid’s double control ant bait will surely make the ants pee on their pants. It works great with different species of ants including household ants, cornfield ants, pharaoh ants, black carpenter ants and argentine ants. Using raid ant traps is really economical and easy. First is to open the seal and break the traps apart for placement. Put the raid ant traps on surfaces where ants are present, especially in areas near food are prepared like in the kitchen. Remember to not put these traps in places where food is handled or on kitchen utensils that is used for preparing food. Next, place the baits adjacent to walls, waste containers, electronic equipments, wall voids, electrical lines, or to anywhere the ants have access to.

Ants will eventually feed on it and expect that there will be a decrease in their population and activity within a week. For a more effective control, it is best to use 3 to 4 traps for an average-size room, and for bigger rooms with logically have heavier infestations, 6 to 8 traps is the optimal number of traps. When the raid ant trap is entirely consumed, it is advised to be replaced immediately, or if not, replace it every three months. It is best to take some precautions when using this bait, so if possible, do not allow your children or pets to play with it. For storage, it should be kept in a cool and dry area where it is inaccessible to children. When disposing, it is best to empty the product first according to the product’s specification. Reusing the product should be avoided and if it’s partially used, calling the local solid waste is a must for they will guide you on how to dispose the product properly. Also, never ever, or even once place the unused raid ant trap in any indoor or outdoor drain; it may cause contamination in your surrounding area.

Ants are part of the ecosystem and they are the reason why it is balanced. They feed on other pests, but if these tiny creatures disturb your home, you can’t have any reason to use these methods. Another thing to keep in mind is ants love sugar, grease or any food that is left behind. So make sure that you keep your house clean at all times, to avoid these ants from roaming around your home.