Lizard Control: Your Home Remedies in Getting Rid of House Lizards

Termed as insectivorous reptiles, lizards can be found in different places. House lizards or Common House Gecko on the other hand is a common reptile that can be found in every household. If you see a reptile crawling up on your ceiling, then probably you do have house lizard at home. A Common House Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) originally came from Southeastern Asia, and are also known as the Pacific House Hecko, or Asian House Gecko. You probably just want to call them, house lizards, and right?

Moving on, let us suppose these reptiles are present in your home. Day 1: one house lizard is crawling on your ceiling. It moves from one side to another, pretty much no big deal. Day 2: surprisingly, one house lizard became two house lizards. They crawl their way on your ceiling as if they are the owners of the house. Still, may not be a big factor and can still be tolerated. Day 3: They have become the Bee Gees, where you imagine them singing, “Whether you’re a brother, or whether you’re a mother, you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive..” Day 4: Paul, George, John, and Ringo, finally, ladies and gentlemen! And now you imagine them singing like “Please, please me, oh yeah, like I please you.” And you are like, “Please me? Pissed me, yes.” These little lizards now really got into your nerves and you want to get rid of them. What are you going to do? This article just simply teaches you how you can eradicate those annoying bastards at your home. So if you are tired of watching them crawl up on your ceiling while watching tv, be at ease for we just have the best solutions that will guide you in dealing common house lizards.

But before anything else, it is best to know the behavior and characteristics of these house geckos. Grasp a little information on the way they live and be aware that though you want them out of your house, these house lizards are really much help; let us get to know why. Usually, house lizards are nocturnal; meaning they hide during the day and appear during at night looking for food. They feed mostly on insects, like bugs and flies, so you are free to thank them anytime because they have saved you from the trouble of having infestations of other insects. Not only live insects, but they also feed on the dead ones, again saving you from the mess caused by those dead insects. Obviously, they are called as “House Gecko,” because they are commonly found on the walls or ceilings in the house searching for their prey.

Measuring about 3 to 6 inches, these house lizards are not venomous and are very safe to humans. If distressed, several geckos, coming from medium to large ones may bite, but their bite is not that strong that it can pierce your skin; so there is really nothing to be afraid about. In appearance, they can be in light brown, or off-white to brown, tan, and cream. Depending on to where they might belong, house geckos can vary in color. One funny thing about them is that when alarmed, they lose their tail. What is so funny about that? The tail itself is still moving as if it has never been removed from the lizard’s body. Fortunately though, in just a few days, the lizard’s tails will eventually grow. It may be scary for some, seeing the removed tail wiggle, but you will just get accustomed to it.

Now we go back to the main topic: getting rid of lizards. Lizards can be your friendly reptiles in your house. They cause no harm and can be your life saver because they feed on some infectious insects especially mosquito. But when they start growing in number, starting to grow accustomed crawling up on your walls, it can disturb and at the same time annoy you. In this article, we will provide you with solutions on how to keep lizards away. These lizards can now pray because their clock is ticking and anytime could be their last breath.

Below are just some of the possible home solutions that you can use in getting rid of house lizards. When it comes to lizard repellant, basic materials at home are just your best buddy. Aside from it is practical because you will spend much of your money; these tools are very safe for you and your family. Using these solutions is very convenient and time saver; you can have more quality time with your family by following these guides.

Do Use Some Coffee Powder. Combined with tobacco powder, this mixture is a great repellant for lizard. Coffee powder is basically something that is common to every household. No one is not drinking coffee in the morning, right? So you have no excuse for not using this. Just prepare a handful amount of coffee powder, and then mix it with the tobacco powder. Next, form it into small size balls. Then take a toothpick, and fix the ball mixture on them, line a cotton bud. Put these on to where the lizard nest or in their entryways. Most probably, they will consume this and will later on die. Coffee has never been so versatile; a great lizard repellant.

Do Use Some Garlic Clove. On Asian countries, garlic is believed to be a good tool for driving away bad spirits. However, in our setting, garlic is a great tool for driving away lizards. Widely used in cooking, garlic adds a lot of flavor and depth in every cooking. It can turn a simple dish into a stunning one. Great for adding a bold flavor to your steaks, it can be a versatile vegetable. On the other hand, it can also be used as a great lizard repellant. To use, simply just place the garlic clove over to where lizards make their entry and then in just a few days, no footstep of them will be traced anymore.

Do Use Pepper Spray Solution. Pepper is a seasoning found in every household. Used as combination with table salt, pepper is something that turns your every dish flavorful and delicious. Not only it can be used for cooking, it can also be a great lizard repellant too. So if you have seen someone who was sprayed with a pepper spray, which is also the way, you are going to do it. Nevertheless, the pain felt by person sprayed will be pretty much felt also by the lizard. So to do your own pepper spray at home, simply just mix a decent amount of pepper and water in a spraying bottle. Note that you can also use cayenne pepper or chili powder to really irritate those annoying little lizards. Tabasco is also a great alternative because of it really hot flavor. Afterwards, spray the solution on places such as in your fridge, under the stove or in the kitchen racks. You can also spray on your walls, or ceilings. Make sure to use some protective gears to avoid any injury. Also keep in mind that handling this solution should be at the highest level. Soon, the lizards will just say goodbye and never return your home.

Do Use Some Onion Slices. Onions are great help in repelling common house lizards. It has a bad odor coming from its active compound, sulphur, which can drive away those little reptiles. To use, cut an onion in half and place them on the lizard’s hiding places. Surely, they will not go out of there and will never come back again.

Do Use Peacock Feathers. A lot of people do not know why peacock feather is such a great tool for keeping away this house gecko. Some would just know it from their mothers, but they really are not able to know the reason behind the trick. This is how it goes: lizards, especially the small ones, are really afraid of peacocks. Peacocks, on the other hand, eat lizards. So if you are the lizard, you will generally be afraid seeing even just a shadow of your predator. How much more if you really see a part of its body? It will really scare the hell out of you. So as conclusion, peacock feathers are effective tool in driving away lizards in your home. You can either stick it on your wall, or you can put it in a flower vase. One reminder though, some lizards are wise enough that they find out that you are just displaying out a piece of feather. So if eventually this will not work, consider trying other methods to really get rid of them.

Do Use Egg Shells, they are Great Repellants for Lizards. Another popular method for getting rid of lizards, egg shells are highly effective and very cheap. When lizards wander your home, egg shells are great repellants for them. The reason behind why egg shells are great lizard repellants because lizards think that there is another organism in the area. Soon afterwards, they will just leave the place. To keep the egg shells fresh, it best to change them regularly every 3 to 4 weeks.

Do Use Moth Balls. These balls really are versatile when it comes to pest control. It only is not good in repelling cockroaches, ants, and flies, but is also great in repelling lizards. To use, simply just put in 2 to 3 pieces of moth balls under the stove, water sinks, and cabinets. This tool has been used by many over the years and has been proven effective.

Do Use Flypapers. Readily available in the market, flypapers are cheap and convenient to use. It is not only effective as a trap for insects; it can also be used as trap for house lizards. Simply just place the flypaper near bulbs and tube lights. Lizards are very much attracted to insects that go near bulbs so most probably they will wander their way into it. Not knowing it, as they crawl their way into the bulb, they are already trapping into the flypaper. You can just throw out the flypaper afterwards, but remember to dispose it properly.

Do Use a Mousetrap. Another way on how to get rid of lizards is to use a mousetrap. Contrary to the popular belief, mousetrap is a very versatile piece of tool. Use basically as trap for mouse, it can be a great help in killing your house lizard. Simply just place it on the lizards’ entryway and you are good to go.

Do Turn Down the Temperature On Your Thermostat. House lizards prefer ward and humid areas. So when it is cold outside at night, they will most probably seek their way into your home to get warmed up. But when you keep your thermostat in low temperature, they will find their way out because they are not into staying in cold places. Cold temperature at home does not only just give you much of a comfort; but it also relieves your pain of being annoyed by these little pests.

Do Plug the Entryways of The Lizards. Some people might have not noticed this, but the cracks or holes around your home can be the lizards’ nesting grounds. It could also be their entrance in your home. As a preventive control, cover in these cracks or holes in your house to prevent these little reptiles from invading your home.

Above are just some of the best home repellents that you can use in getting rid of lizards. These have been proven effective over the years by some people and you can be the one to prove it too. However, to some, these methods may not effective enough, so using insect repellants maybe a good alternative. Take note though that if not handled properly, may cause harm to your family. You may also seek some professional service to drive away those house lizards. These people are considered experts when it comes to eradicating all types of pest and when you are in need of help; they are the ones that you should call. Nevertheless, keeping your house clean, maintaining proper structural design ensuring there are no entrance for lizards are still the best control in keeping them away.