Mosquito Control: Prevent these Bugs from Harming Your Family

Coming from the family of Culicidae, mosquitoes are considered small and midge-like flies. Most species of mosquitoes are considered to be quite a disturbance because they consume by sucking blood from living vertebrates especially with human beings. It is a known fact that female mosquitoes are the ones who only suck blood, not the female ones.

With some of these flies transmit severely harmful and life threatening human diseases, knowledge on how to keep your family away from them is an essential factor. Basic precautions to keep mosquitoes from roaming around your house are natural mosquito controls which can include mosquito netting. But before we move on to how we can keep your family safe from these mosquitoes, let us take a look first on what possible diseases can these pest cause you and your family. You surely would immediately guard and take preventive measures in your house after reading this.

Yellow Fever – An acute viral disease, yellow fever is known as yellow plague or yellow jack. A person having this viral disease can have any or all of these symptoms: fever, appetite loss, back pains, chills, and headaches. These symptoms usually just get better within five days, but for some people whose fever comes back, additional pains occur especially in the abdominal part, and damage in the liver begins that causes yellow skin. Also, there is an increased risk of bleeding and problems in the kidney because of this. Caused by the yellow fever virus, this disease is spread by the female mosquito’s bite and it only infects humans. In statistics, yellow fever contributes to the number of infections, with 200,000 persons affected and causes about 30,000 deaths per year. Moreover, 90% of these cases commonly occur in Africa and in tropical areas like South America.

Filariasis – This is caused by threadlike roundworms that belong to the family of Filariodea. Considered to be a parasitic disease, mosquitoes and black flies are the main culprit of spreading filariasis or philariasis. When it comes to symptoms, it will definitely change a person’s physical appearance. Elephantiasis is believed to be the most common symptom of lymphatic filariasis. Thickening of the skin and underlying tissues, especially on the lower extremities are just some of the visible signs that one has been affected by this disease. Others would have their body parts affected such as arms, legs, or in reproductive organs like breasts and scrotum. Some would also be affected only on the genitals.

Malaria – Known to be one of the most deadly and viral disease in the history of mankind, malaria is an infectious disease that is mainly caused by parasitic protozoans, often transmitted from an infected female Anopheles mosquito. Some of the symptoms of malaria may include a simple headache and fever which in extreme cases can later on develop into coma or even death. Other signs of this disease which are considered to be like what flu symptom manifests include nausea, retinal damage, hemolytic anemia, shivering, jaundice, convulsions and presence of hemoglobin the urine. When this disease complicates, it can cause an extremely severe condition in a person’s body. Some of these complications can include respiratory distress, severe headache, hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver), hemoglobinuria with renal failure and hypoglycemia.

Evidently, it is wise to say that mosquitoes, despite their given small size, are beings that we should not just take for granted. If not given enough attention, they can just easily infest our homes and without you knowing it, a family member of yours is already carrying an infectious disease caused by these life-threatening bugs. From the above information, you can now grasp the damage that mosquitoes can cause you and your family. So what are we going to do next? Are we just going to ignore those mosquitoes and wish that they will just leave and never come back? Or are we going to equip ourselves with the proper knowledge and information to eradicate them and never cause any more harm to our beloved family? The choice is definitely in your hands, but we are here to educate you with the basic instruction on how to make your natural mosquito control. Also, we will guide you in choosing the best mosquito misting system and the most competitive mosquito squad in the market. Family is what we should take care of first, so we will also provide you information about mosquito bite remedies to treat someone in your family that has been affected by mosquito sting.

Sometimes you would just think, “If only there’s a mosquito eater that would help solve this problem.” Mosquito eater, you say? Some would say that there exists a mosquito eater, but the truth is, there is no such this as mosquito eater. What people say about this “mosquito eater,” is referred to as the crane fly. Larval crane flies can occasionally feed on mosquito larvae and do not consumer mosquitoes or bite humans, contrary to the popular belief. It may be true that they may be an aide for preventing young mosquitoes from growing into adulthood, but the key to completely eradicating these pests is in your hands. Below are just some of the best mosquito controls that you can use to get rid of these harmful pests. Whether it is homemade or done by professionals, these methods are proven to be the best mosquito control.

Controls that Can Be Done at Home

Best for persons who love to go busy with household chores. Spending just a little of your time, and preventing mosquitoes from reproducing a new breed of killer bugs is guaranteed by following these easy steps. Just make sure that you do follow each instruction and not skip any of it.

Do Keep Away Any Stagnant Water. Because mosquitoes lay their eggs on water, it is best to not leave any stagnant water behind. When contaminated, this standing water source can be the cause of your infection in the next few days. Change your pet’s water bowl for about 2 to 3 times a week to keep it clean and away from making it the lying grounds of the mosquito. Always remember to keep your surroundings very clean to avoid these bugs from invading your house.

Do Use Nontoxic Mosquito Repellent. Herbal Armor is a mosquito repellent that is highly recommended by National Geographic, and most preferred by campers because of its effectiveness. As an alternative, soy candles and citronella beeswax could be a great help in eradicating these pests too. To achieve greater results, place this candle on places especially on the floor of the deck and to where there is a little breeze.

Do Use Neem Oil as Mosquito Repellent. Extracted from the neem tree in India, neem oil is an effective mosquito repellent because aside from its natural vegetable oil quality, the seeds, leaves and seed oil of the Neem tree contains an active component, sallanin. Neem oil is definitely safe to use as a repellent for mosquitoes.

Do Use a Mosquito Net – For those families, who want their babies to be away from mosquitoes, using a mosquito net is a must. Very cheap and effective, it can protect your little angle from the infection that is caused by mosquitoes.

Do Use Electric Mosquito Traps. This tool is very effective when used for killing mosquitoes. Readily available in every market nationwide, this could be in a form of a rectangular-shape box or cuboid, with ultraviolet fluorescent that can attract mosquitoes and lastly, a metal component inside that will surely electrify the mosquitoes, killing them instantly. It can also be in a form of tennis racket with the same feature of having a metal component as the net that zaps those little flies. This tool can be your best mosquito trap. Whatever choice you have, whether you just want to have the former item and place it somewhere in your house that is out of reach to children, or wants to have the latter that will make you able to take those killer little monsters in their tomb, it is your call. Be sure to handle each item with care to avoid any injuries.

Do Use Mosquito Spray – This could be your last resort when getting rid of mosquitoes at home. Mosquito sprays are convenient when used for exterminating these pests. Just make sure to use it properly and never spray it over to where you prepare your food. Also, keep spraying away from your children and pets because when inhaled, it can cause pulmonary infections.

The above mentioned are your natural and practical ways in wiping out mosquitoes. When followed by heart, observe a reduction in the number of mosquitoes that infest your house.Aside from providing you with traps and killers that can be done with all by yourself, we will also give you tips on homemade mosquito bite remedies, as promised.

When stung by a mosquito, the body responds to it and a small red lump appear on the part where the mosquito sucked blood. Additionally, an itchy sensation will follow afterwards. If scratched and infected, the skin’s texture might be damaged and can eventually result to leaving marks that can look unpleasant. Scratching the affected area is not the solution to the problem. Instead, below are just some of the things you might need in order to lessen the itch or even cure it.

Alcohol – When bit by a mosquito, immediately apply a handful amount of alcohol to the affected area to reduce the itching sensation. A chemical component in the alcohol can amazingly relieve not only pain but especially the itching. So next time, if you are stung by a mosquito, do not even make scratching your first choice as an aide for relieving the itch, but if you can’t really help it, pressing the affected area can be a great alternative.

Ointment – Generally used for relieving back pain or any type of muscle pains, ointment can also be used to relieve the sense of itchiness caused by the mosquito’s bite. With its concentrated soothing component, you will feel a relaxing sensation on your skin, and you will forget the itchy sensation. Again, as a constant reminder, never scratch the area stung by the mosquito if you do not want to leave a dark mark on your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar – With its acidic content, apple cider vinegar can be your alternative for relieving the pain and itch caused by the mosquito’s sting. To make a mosquito bite remedy from cider vinegar, simply just soak a cotton ball in a bowl of vinegar. Afterwards, place it over the affected area or for your convenience, you can tape it and leave for 2-3 minutes. You will observe that the itch and pain stopped.

There is nothing to worry about when dealing with mosquitoes. With a sufficient knowledge of the mosquito’s characteristics and what they can cause you is a great advantage enough to exterminate them. Also, simple household materials that are readily accessible can be your life saver in providing your family the best home remedy. But if you are wondering, what if these infectious flies become uncontrollable? Truly, your simple home mosquito killers are not enough to destroy their batch. Especially when they come in large groups, you really need to seek some professional help.

Mosquito squads, as what they are known to be, are people who are experts when it comes to keeping those infectious flying pests away from home. With the advanced technology they use like mosquito misting system, you are guaranteed that mosquitoes will not invade your family anymore. They are also your best mosquito fogger in town, saving you from diseases that are caused by mosquitoes. Over the internet, you can choose a wide variety of mosquito squad. One thing is for certain, they will make it sure that they can give the best value over the money that you spent, and it is a given fact that it is best to invest in your family’s health and well being.

The love for your family is what matters most. So if there is a mosquito invasion happening in your home, make it sure that you use the above methods. First to use are your household materials. Then let us suppose that a family member is bitten by a mosquito, and then use the mosquito bite remedies. If things can’t be handled by simple remedies, declare a war and seek professional help. Following these tips are your best solutions in preventing mosquitoes from invading your home.