Opposum Control – How to Deal with These Extremely Dangerous Animal Pests

Anyone who had to deal with the troubles with opposum pests can attest too how rough the process can get. Unlike other animal pests, simply killing or trapping opposum to death is not allowed. Lest you find the need to eventually get rid of opposum, you will have to look for ways to drive them away without hurting them. However, opposum control also needs to happen faster before they start creating damages in your own garden or hard.

Opposums are wild animals that originated in Australia. They are usually confused with rats, but opposums are visibly bigger and with sharper teeth. Due to the changes in the wild, opposums have gradually invaded residential areas for more food sources, and this is probably the reason why your now dealing with opposum in your own garden. Naturally, opposums can be your garden’s saviour as these pests feed on fellow outdoor pests including snails, rats, and rats. They only become a problem once they start reproducing in your own yard or start damaging your plants (which happens often, as well). This is the point where you need to learn creative ways of how to get rid of opposum.

The first and safest approach recommended is to make natural opposum repellent, to discourage them from either visiting or staying in your garden. Some of the active ingredients that have been proven to effectively work against opposums are ammonia, cayene pepper, and tobacco powder. A combination of all these substance can be your powerful opposum control tool.

Another solution to your opposum problems is to change the layout of your garden. The fact that an opposum has successfully invaded your space only makes it even more vulnerable to other pests. Use electric fence around your garden or yard to control opposum from entering. This electric fence will simply drive the opposum away, but not hurt them. These products have likewise been proven safe by animal safety regulators. Aside from fencing, check for other paths where the opposum can climb into your property, and try to get rid of these. Make sure that your house is also free from other pests to make it less attractive for the opossum.

Finally, you can also manage to trap opposum. Contrary to the usual purpose of trapping pests, you will actually trap opposum just to return them to their natural habitat, which is the wild. If you currently do not have access to ant wildlife, simply contact an animal rescue center to deal with your captured opposum. A lot of these shelters even adopt an orphan opposum to be taken care of until they are ready for the outside world survival. When trapping this pest, you might want to also use baits to lure them towards the trap. An effective bait against opposum are pet food and ripe fruits. Do not keep them in the trap for more than 24 hours as this may result to the opposum’s death.

The worst type of opposum infestation is inside the house. The wild animal can bring a lot of damages to the house, and may also raid as many food as it can. When this happens, make sure not to panic and think of more creative ways to keep them at pay including a food trail leading towards an open door. Quite interestingly, you cannot simply shoo away these opposums because they will only stop moving, which already defeats the purpose of letting them out of the house.

Opposum control may not be the most traditional way yo have handled past house pests, but it also teaches you to be more humane in dealing with pests like them.