A Closer Look at Pest Control Cost

While most of the households are now celebrating the entry of spring, which easily translates to sunshine, flowers in bloom, and warm vacations, other group of species are also preparing for a house invasion. We are of course talking here of different house pests, that often invade houses, yards, and gardens starting spring. Some households are already well-prepared for this trend, but most are often confronted unprepared by the pests. Unfortunately, this lack of preparation is leads a lot of homeowners to spend way too much on pest control cost.

Pest control seems to be a complicated process to talk about. With this, a lot of people easily run to professional firms to handle it for them. If you are wondering how much this will cost you, here is a quick breakdown of cost estimates for professional pest control. Note that the fees greatly vary, depending on the pest problem and your location.

Termites = $1,200

Termites are one of the most unforgiving house pests, and the cost it takes to control them is equally harsh, as well. As of 2012, termites are recorded to be one of the most difficult and expensive pests to control, as it often affects several areas of the house.

Bed bugs = $300 – $1500

Bed bugs infestation are highly concentrated in one area, so it is relatively easier to eliminate them. Basically, the pest control cost you are paying for the thorough process of eliminating these pests, rather than the actual products used to kill them. The amount will only bloat when medications are required for some allergic reactions from bed bug bites.

Fleas and Ticks = $150 – $300

Since fleas and ticks rarely attack houses, the cost is significantly cheaper. Often times, a veterinarian will conduct the pest control, rather than a professional service provider. The cost already include the multiple sessions required to fully eliminate fleas and ticks in your pets.

Mice and other Rodents = $200 – $350

One of the most common house problems, are these quick and tricky mice and rats. Normally, people can handle this pest on their own, but in cases when the number of mice/rats reach an uncontrollable level, a mouse killer expert would just come handy.

Carpet beetles = $250 – $300

These sneaky pests can cause multiple damages to house. They ruin precious fabrics, and can also spoiled prepared food. Unfortunately, because of their nature, not all people are equipped with the right way to manage carpet beetles. When seeking a professional pest control firm, the initial treatment will cost almost a $200, and may increase depending on the follow-up treatments required.

These estimates for pest control costs may seem harmless from the surface, but these cost still do not include the necessary house changes required after the full house sanitation process. Some families are even forced to move out of their own homes during a pest control process, and these expenses are not included in those estimates, yet.

Practically speaking, it is always better to know the home remedies for different kinds of pests, in order to save on these pest control costs. For instance, the most basic mouse trap can be purchased at $50 at most, and can even be used multiple times. Another ideal situation is for you to be able to make your own pest repellent out of natural plant extract, as they often come at a free to minimal cost.