Pigeon Spikes – How Effective Are They and Where to Get Them

Pigeon these days are called “flying rats” due to the potential cause and damage they can give to us humans. Knowing the potential damage they can give is quite disturbing. From house property paints, roofs, monuments, public places, car hoods, to every place they may seem to please, their droppings can be located.

Their droppings may just be droppings to other people out there but these droppings contain unhygienic bacteria and fungi that is a threat to human health. These droppings also have the potential to tarnish finished paints from every household paints to car paints.

Some even face more problems than just pigeon droppings. If you have a food source for these pigeon around your property or area, then you are likely to have pigeons swarming or perching in your property. These pigeons also like to stay on places where food is near. So make sure to close all garbage lids to ensure that these birds will find your place a deserted area for them when it comes to food sources.

There have been many ways presented to repel or keep these pigeons away from your home and 1 common pigeon repellent device that is used by many these days is the pigeon spike. How effective are these pigeon spikes and where can we get a hold of these pigeon repellent?

Sure there are a lot of other pigeon repellent out there in the market now but are they that effective? Let’s take a look at some of them that are not as effective as these pigeon spikes.

Fake owl or fake falcon, yes they may appear deadly for these pigeons but these pigeons are intelligent enough to distinguish if these birds are genuine or not in a span of 3 days or so. Especially when these pigeons are roosting near or in the said place, day in and day out they will see the falcon(or owl) in the same place for days, they can then easily tell that it’s a fake one or not.

Installing sticky chemicals on places they usually perch on can sure give them the biggest inconvenience they could ever get (and hoping they will leave the place) but there have been cases now that these pigeons died because of these sticky chemicals. Since these pigeons are also protected by law in any means (can be just hurting them or killing them), these sticky chemicals are a great threat to them especially when these sticky chemicals get to their feathers and wings.

Others tend to use poison against these flying rats but the risk is high as well and it could probably give you more problems, carcasses will be found everywhere and the smell will give you more headaches than you already had.

These are just some of the methods that are applied that may fail in the process. Unlike giving pigeon spikes a try, these flying rats will never bother on perching on these spikes as these spikes are designed to give these pigeons zero percent chance to perch on the area where the spikes are installed, giving them the lead to relocate to a safer place to perch on or roost.

You can make a do it yourself pigeon spike but you will need the necessary materials to make one. You could also buy pigeon spikes from pest control stores. This will definitely save you time and effort as these pigeons spike purchased from pest control stores or centers are easy to set up. There are also manuals along these devices upon your purchase.

If you are facing large amount of these pigeons, the best and safest thing to do is call a pest control professional to do the job. Aside from saving you time and effort, it will also save you from future problem you may encounter during the process. These pigeons will move to another roosting area right away if the action is in process and they may just relocate to the opposite side of the previous roosting place they had giving you more problems to tackle.

Nevertheless, you can give the pigeon spike a try and see how these birds will move to another place instead perching on your property. Remember that these pigeons are protected by law so careful not to hurt or kill them.