Rabbit Repellent: Never Let Their Cute Face Fool You, Repel Them!

Rabbits are really cute when you see them. They can be great pets at home, wandering your garden and play with your little children. Imagine yourself going home from work and you see these little cute darlings, and you can’t help yourself but adore them! Rabbits can be your stress reliever at home and one should own these cute rabbits. These are great qualities of rabbits: they are not just lovable but are also lovable; they are easy to maintain and you can basically just leave them there, but also feed them of course! In some places, their skin is considered to be a fabric used for clothing.

Some areas, such as in countries in the Europe, North America, South America, and some parts of the Middle East, rabbit meat the highly sold. Rabbit meat is also sold in supermarkets and butchers in the UK and is readily available in large supermarkets as frozen meat. There are also instances where their meat is sold fresh alongside with other game. Rabbits could be a real benefit when it comes to their appearance. When it comes to providing us food and clothing, which are considered to be two of the main necessities, they are also pretty much capable of it. However, they may be your stress reliever and food provider, but they could also be the ones who could give you the real stress and problem!

Before anything else, let us give you basic details on whom are we dealing with. It is best to know your enemy, with their weaknesses and strengths, so that you could really exterminate them. Rabbits belong to the family Leporidae of the order of the Lagomorpha, and are small mammals that can be found in several parts of the world. With their genera, there are eight different genera which includes the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), and the Amami rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi) that are classified as rabbits. Interestingly, there are many other types and species of rabbit, such as pikas and hares, which all make up the order of Lagomorpha. Buck is the term named for the male while a female rabbit is called a doe. Moreover, a young rabbit is called a kitten or a kit. Truly, rabbits are really interesting animals that all should know about.

Moving on, cute as they may seem to be but rabbits can cause damage in your house, especially your garden. You surely do not want that to happen, do you? When you love gardening, well basically you cannot have rabbits as pets because they are your enemies. They feed on your plant materials like flowers, lettuce, clover, beans, etc. Rabbits are basically herbivores, and are fond of eating vegetation such as grass, forbs and other leafy materials. On the technical side, they feed on a diet that contains a large amount of cellulose, a compound that is hard to digest. However, they are able to solve this dilemma by passing two distinct types of waste material: the hard droppings and soft black viscous pellets. The second material is known as caecotrophs and amazingly, these materials are immediately eaten by rabbits. This behavior is known to be as coprography.

There are other several things that these rabbits may cause. Rabbits are known to be aggressive sometimes, grunting, lunging, scratching or even biting. They can be aggressive when they feel that they are threatened or cornered. Rabbits could also cause environmental problems in the large scale. One problem that they have caused, especially in the agriculture, is feral rabbit depredation. Due to their appetite, rapid breeding and growth, they were considered to be a real problem for agriculture. To control rabbit populations, several methods have been used. These include using rabbit fence, shooting, ferreting, using rabbit snares, gassing, and also using rabbit traps.

On smaller scales, like in every household, rabbits are considered to be pests. As stated above, rabbits are herbivores who mainly feed on plant materials. They prefer to eat young plants but are also fond of eating seeds, nuts, and barks. Rabbits can basically destroy your vegetation. But there is nothing to worry about because we just have the right solutions to your problem. If you are now experiencing this kind of problem, you can now be at ease for we will provide you with the best solutions in getting rid of these rabbits. We will also provide you with information about how to catch a rabbit using rabbit traps and to prevent them from coming into your home using our best methods for rabbit control.

Below are just some of the least-toxic solutions and preventions that you can basically do at home. Forget calling up your professional pest control for you can just do these methods in no time! Just follow these steps and guaranteed that you will see rabbits in your garden no more.

Use a Rabbit Fence

In your garden, erect a wire mesh fence that measures about 48 inches tall, and bury it at the at least about 6 inches below the ground. Afterwards, to prevent rabbits from digging their way under it, you should bend a few inches of the fence bottom out. Also, remember that the mesh should size about no larger than one inch to not include young rabbits from being fenced. Lastly, install gates that are fit enough to keep rabbits from digging underground. Remember that you should keep these gates closed as much as possible, from day to night. Using this method will prevent rabbits from crawling their way into your home.

Use a Rabbit Trap

When looking about how to catch a rabbit, using traps is a great solution. Apples are great baiting traps. This fruit is a delectable treat for rabbits. You can also use a small amount of peanut butter for bating. Remember to monitor the traps from time to time and when captured, release the rabbits after they are captured. The only negative thing about trapping is rabbits can sometimes carry certain types of disease which can possibly be transmitted to the trapper, which is a thing that can be alarming. Some people do not recommend using this method. So make it sure that you use and wear some protective gloves when handling traps and during the release of the rabbits. Another thing is to make sure that you follow every rules and regulations in your area; you should contact your local animal control officer or any authorities that can help you with this.

Use a Tree Wrap

Using this method is highly economical and is very easy to conduct. Place a chicken-wire cylinder around the bark of a young tree, shrubs, or vines. Use these wires with the bottom buried far away enough from the truck to avoid bunnies from nibbling through the mesh.

Hunt These Rabbits

Before doing this, you should make it sure that you are capable of handling a gun and following in conformity with your local laws. This is to make sure that you don’t break any laws and avoid being filed of a complaint from animal protectors. Hunt rabbits when they are in season. This is definitely a sure kill and you will see that they will not be back at your home anymore.

Use Natural Repellents

A great alternative for using chemical repellents, natural repellents are not only safe but are also effective enough to be used in getting rid of rabbits. Results may vary though, but for some, these home remedies can be just your solution in getting away with rabbits. These natural repellnts are basically found in your house. To make your natural rabbit repellent, just spray a solution of hot sauce and water or vinegar into your plants. Remember to re apply the solution during after each rain to maintain the effectiveness of the repellent. You can also spread blood meal, manure, human hair, or cayenne pepper around the plants. A foul-tasting spray solution that contains Bitrex is also an effective repellent for rabbits.

Use Automatic Sprinklers

When you have much of a budget, you can install automatic sprinklers. These are materials that have a motion-sensor detector that when triggered, will spray large amounts of water. Using this around your home will definitely drive these rabbits away.

Add Some Plants in Your Garden that Rabbits Dislike

Interestingly, there are some plants that rabbits find unpleasing. You should plant around your garden plants such as lilac bush, zinnias, marigold, forsythia, daffodils, snapdragons, and lavender. You could also add some woody plants like butterfly bush, mountain laurel, Japanese maple, tulip tree, and catoneaster. On perennials, you could also add some foam flower, stokes’ aster, Russian sage, meadow and creeping phlox. In controlling the population of rabbits, adding these plants would be very effective.

Use Noisemakers to Drive Rabbits Away

Noisemakers generally drive away rabbits. You may also use some flashing lights or ultrasonic repellents to get rid of these rabbits.

Consider Having a Pet around Your House

Having a pet around your house can be the problem solver for getting away with rabbits. Not only that they are your loyal friend, they can also deter rabbits. Have your pets, like dogs or cat roam around the outdoor part of your home. Their presence would drive away rabbits since they will consider other animals as their enemy and predator. Using your pet as a deterrent for rabbits is really economical and easy. Consider them your house mate and consider them your guard at home.

Cleaning Up Your Outdoor Surfaces

This should be your main priority: cleaning up your garden. Without cleaning your outdoor surroundings, there might be some available food and water sources that could be a food for the rabbits. Do not let any food debris or stagnant waters be present around your garden. Also, you may remove away the brambles, stones, piles of brush, or other debris along fence rows to reduce the hiding places for rabbits. Keeping your surrounding could be just the solution to your problem and will get rid of these little animals.

Calling Your Professional Pest Control

If the above solutions do not work, consider calling your professional pest control. Contact your local pest control if you sense that you cannot use the above methods in getting rid of these annoying animals. If you want to just sit back and spend time with your family, calling the service of these professionals is just easy. They are considered to be experts in controlling and getting rid of any pest from ants, bugs, mosquitoes, seagulls, and even rabbits. You can have no reason to call them because they just have the best materials, from protective gears to chemically made repellents. Getting rid of rabbits is guaranteed so there is really nothing to worry about. Make yourself at ease, because they will do the entire job. You can definitely make your weekend plan now for vacations on your preferred beach or outdoor places.

Truly, rabbits are really adorable and cute. They are easy to maintain and easy to feed when you want them as pets. But do not let these features fool you because they can basically become a pest in your home when they start feeding and destroying your vegetation. There are sure lots of methods that can be done in order to get rid of them and they are stated in the above paragraphs. Use these methods accurately to maintain the effectiveness of each method. There is really no need to kill these innocent living creatures. Using just your home remedy is enough solution for getting away of rabbits. You can also use live traps but is best to make it a point that you use some protective gears like gloves when handling captured rabbits because they can sometimes be aggressive and may result to some minor injuries to you and you do not want that to happen. So next time, if you are looking for some ways for rabbit control, just refer to this article. From basic methods to methods that require a little bit more of your effort, we have just provided you with such. So pick up now your home remedies and start to conduct your control for these rabbits.