Rat Bait – Irresistible Temptation

Food is a need. All living creatures can not survive without satisfying their necessity for sustenance. The same is true with rats. Aside from the fact that it is a must for them to survive, it also serves as a temptaion they can not withstand. Thus, if you want to catch the rats inside your house, you need to have a good and effective bait. The quality of your trap is as good as the quality of your bait. Even how powerful your trap is, if you have a very poor bait, rats will never fall into it. Meaning, you need to prepare an irresistible food to tempt the rats for them to fall in your bait.

After the preparation of the food to serve as your bait, you need to understand that rats have delayed gratification mechanism. It means to say that they have a very strong self-discipline. Even how tempting the food is, their will is still stronger. Thus to weaken this defense, you need to condition them. You have to let them get used of the food bait that you have by placing the food in their regular pathways. Their instinctive tendency is that, they will taste the food in little pieces until they know that it is safe, and they will not touch something that is new for them, including the platform or the trap where you placed your food bait.

After few days of conditioning them, you can now activate the trap assured with the high percentage of success. In addtion, the strategic positioning of the trap should be parallel or must coinside with the rat bait and the trap to further ensure the success rate of the implemented trap. Moreover, the location is very crucial for the security of the children and the pets inside the house. In order to protect your household from untoward incidences, you need to have an ample amount of preparation and planning.

The skyrocketing demand for rat baits is somehow very alarming for it simply implies that most huseholds today are in health risk because of the diseases that rats may carry and transfer to members of that family. In addition, it is an implication that people’s sense of concern for their surrounding is as well abating because of the presence of these pests. Nevertheless, still, we need to address the existing problem to prevent more damages. There are three basic types of rat baits present in the market today which you can choose from: Non-Toxic Food Bait, Non-Toxic Producing Toxic Effects, and Toxic Bait.

Non-Toxic Food Baits

This classification of food bait is most of the time found inside your kitchen or maybe growing in your backyard. These foods are rats all-time favorites of which their acute olfactory sense will definitely have a hard time resisting. These food baits are usually accompanied with mechanical traps that will activate the moment the rats fall into the bait.

The first and the most popularly common is Peanut Butter. The smell of the peanut butter is a torture for rats. Also, since it has a sticky property, rats will have difficulty removing or snatching it from the trap, and the only way is to fall into the lure without even knowing it. Aside from the fact that is affordable, its effeciency is a sure quality.

Cheese is the most famous bait of all. It has always been made an example for most television shows and magazine adverts and even book stories. However, in reality, talking about effectiveness, it is only next to peanut butter. Although it is also a good food bait, but the fact that cheese are usually in morsel type, sometimes rats can remove it without falling into the bait especially in snap traps. In short, you need to carefully place the cheese ensuring that there is no chance that rat can remove it wihtout activating the trap.

Another kitchen remedy for rat baits is Bacon. As much as it is your most favored food, it is as well equally preferred by rats. It is best partnered with peanut butter or other food baits to create a more mouthwatering smell and taste. Leaving rats no other choice but to deliberately fall into the trap.

One of the overlooked foods that can cause rat infestation, which at the same time an absolute tempatation for rats is Petfood. Because its sticky property, rats can’t remove them from traps and will end up eating it spot on. The only drawback of this food bait is that, you have to constantly check it and change it to prevent spoilage.

There is also a more organic approach in finding a good bait for rats. Since they are omnivores, they are also accustomed in eating Fruits and Vegetables. These foods are equally attractive for rats especially when they are still fresh. Though rats have no discretion for rotten fruits and vegetables, they are more attracted to fresh foods. Thus you always have to check and change them because of their high spoilage tendecies.

Finally, a less popular rat bait that could also be an alternative are Seeds. Though they have a higher probability of being snatched, still you can use them provided that you place the food trap properly and securely so that there will be no chance that rats can rob it. The seeds of pumpkins are one of rats’ old time favorites, so you can start using it.

Non-Toxic Baits Producing Toxic Effects

Rats’ digestive system is quite complex and sensitive that is why they are so careful about the food that they intake. Before eating the full menu, they will first try it out in little bits if it will not cause strife in their stomach. If proven to be safe, that is the only time that will engage eating the whole course delightfully. However, there are certain organic foods that can react to their sensitive digestive tract without them knowing it, for it will only take effect few hours (and sometimes days) after they have swallowed it. It will build up chemical reactions that will lead to the death of your household rats.

One common non-toxic rat bait that will lead to a high toxicity level is Instant Potato Chips. Initially, this food is not harmful to the digestive system of rats. However, with the presence of water, which is naturally triggered after eating the potato flakes, it could transform into a deadly form which will lead to death. To elucidate the event, potato chips with the presence of water inside the stomach of rats will cause an expansion making it impossible for rats to digest. This will then cause a collapse of the digestive system of rats causing their death.

Another triggering device that can lead toxic activity in rats’ stomach is Baking Soda. This rat bait mixtured with flour and sugar is an effective catalyst in producing carbon dioxide (CO2) which later on will have an antagonistic effect in their natural stomach fluids. Eventually, it will lead to a severe damage in their digestive tract causing their death

Finally, the magic of Corn Starch and Cement Powder can also do the job. The presence of both inside the rats’ stomach will trigger the thirst. When water is present inside and combined with the two agent, it will mineralize and create a compact mass which is impossible to digest for rats. This will then cause death in the long run by rupturing the digestive system of rats.

Toxic Baits

In extreme cases, the application of toxic rat baits is necessary. Though many are opposed to the usage of this measure, the populace and the market can testify that as of now, it is stil the best rat bait ever made. However, in using this system, it will require some sarety precautionary measures that will avoid future untoward damages to your household. Since toxic baits are all about poison, it is only sound and reasonable to have preparation and strategies that will prevent kids from eating it or even your very own house pets. Toxic Baits can be divided into two: Old Version Anti-Coagulant and the Lates Version Anti-Coagulant.

The first classification, Old-Version Anti-Coagulant, is perhaps the oldest toxic rat bait. Its property does not instantaneouly kill rats, but gradually and surely it will take its effect. Rats will still have several feeedings, most probably about a week, before its optimum power can take effect. Though are already famous brands of the latest-versions, still there are a significant number of people who use it.

Finally, the second type of toxic baits is the Latest-Version Anti-Coagulant. It was created to compensate for the discrepancies of the old-version. In the level of toxicity, the latest-versions are more petrifying because it will only take a maximum of two days before the rats die. Also, since the poison is too strong, it is administered in small portions resulting to the same deadly effect.

One of the most popular latest-version anti-coagulation is the metal phosphides. It has a very acrid smell which resembles to the odor of a garlic. It is in a pellet form which reacts immediately to the acid in the rats’ stomach creating high levels of phosphine gas causing death for rats.

Finally, the variation of Vitamin D and D3 acts as a chemical catalyst alterring the equilibrium of calcium and phosphates. This phenomena will enable the rats to accumulate and abosrb more calcium in their body causing their internal organs such as kidney, blood vessels, stomach and lungs to mineralize. Eventually, the kidney will malfunction as the heart collapses and internal hemorrhage will occur that will lead to the death of the rats

The application of rodenticides, therefore, must have deliberate safety mechanisms and preparations to achieved its maximum effectivity. The best rat bait, at the end of the day, is a subjective matter with respect to your own preference and ways and means. Just make sure that whatever method you employ, it must be done accordingly and strategically.