Rat Infestation- Exterminated

The invasion of rats in many households is one of the most common pest problem in different societies. They post detrimental effects in every home especially in the filed of health, economy and even ecology at large.

Health risks are proven to be one of the most threatening effects of rat infestation for in serious cases it can lead to death. In fact, rat plagues were recorded in the history which caused many wanton deaths. Economically, the food spoilage in your household could cost you because of rat contamination. Moreover, the damage to different properties is also most annoying at the same time causes exhaustion to finances. To add, if diseases are acquired by humans, hospital bills and medications could also cost an arm and a leg. Finally, the rise of pests can disturb the equilibrium of food chain. Moreover, since there is rise in population, the food demand will be higher causing havoc in infestation in a particular community.

Rats became an infestation .basically because of human negligence. People became less concerned of the quality of sanitaion in their surroundings even in their own household. Indirectly, the populace invited this problem in the first place. Since it is caused by humanity’s lack of responsibility, the action to take is largely dependent in the initiative of the people. Modifying the lifestyle or the way we conduct ourselves could dramatically create an impact in the reduction of this rat infestaion. This course is no longer a theory but a reality which some societies have already been successful. In some communities, the proper observation of waste dispossals became an effective means to reduce the number of these scabs. Also, tighly locked garbage bins restricted them to acquire food and water resources. Moreover, becoming more responsible in keeping your vicinity neat and clean will prohibit them from nesting.

At the end of the day, the answer to the problem is the problem itself. If we humans will only be more aware to the negative effects of this infestation in our lives and will see the gravity of harm it posts to our loved ones and our community, we will greatly respond and do the necessary actions to prevent and solve the existing problem. We will not act blindly but will consider every step we take, whether it is for the good or it may threaten the convenience of our natural habitat. Overall, a lifestyle check is a necessary tool to solve this problem. If we start to live a life with sense of responsiblity, it will become a ripple as a positive role model to our family members, neigbhors, and the community in general.

Rat Extermination

The most probable solution to solve the dominating problem is the usage of rat extermination. These are direct and indirect ways, humane and inhumane systems, of getting rid of rats in your residence. The application of the methods in completely eradicating this infestation varies in your preference and principles. Afterall, we are still dealing with life in this matter. There are three categories of rat extermination of which you can choose from.

The Natural Rat Extermination

There are several ways of wiping out the population of rats in your abodes using more eco-friendly ways. The following are the most popular and the most recommended approaches that you might want to consider.

The first is the usage of rats’ natural predators. Adopting a cat in your house will surely scare the rats away from them. Though cats could not really kill them all, the mere presence of them intimidates the possible preys. Therefore, it is a strategic move to look for a safer location where they live and breed. It is a funny thought sometimes that it is reasonable for cats to kill rats, but inhumane for man to kill rats, probably because it is really just part of maintaining balance in the circle of life or the food chain.

Secondly, by eliminating all possible breeding locations, rats movement will drastically reduce. Appropriate waste management and removal of stagnant water, including a better sewage system will not only guarantee a healthier environment but rare cases of rat invasion. Poorly sanitized location invites residential pests. Societies with better waste managment and cleaner sewage systems have lesser cases of rats infestation. Living a clean life will surely help give solution to the swarming of rats.

Finally, the complete removal of food and water resources fo these rats is a definite solution. Since rats, like every living thing, struggles to survive by looking for food to satisfy hunger and quench the thirst, the elimination of the availability of these resources will drive them away from your house. They will always seek out to survive, and if survival is not present in one location, they will look for it in other places. Imagine if a certain community practices this kind of preventive measures, the results could really be inspiring.

The Mechanical Rat Extermination

This method is a militant approach of eradicating rats from your house. Though it is legal, animal rights advocates strongly oppose this methodology. However, currently, this is the most popular and most patronized method since it is convenient and very practical to use. As a matter of fact, there are various brands and products that have already conquered the market.

The popularity of traps in the market today has grown viral. Note that the application of trap is a resolution only to the current problem, but it does not guarantee a long time absolution. The most popular trap of all is the Cage Trap. Most animal rights advocates encouarage public to use this method. It is a humane way of catching rats in a metal cage and eventually releasing them to forests where they can be part of viscious food chain. Another popularly known trap is the Snap Trap. This a sure killer for it guarantees quick and painless death. This is operant by the use of a bait at one end and immediately snaps the moment the triggering device is automatically activated by the removal of the bait. Just be extra careful so that you’ll keep it from the reach of children or your household pets. In addtion, one common trap found in the market today is the Sticky Board Traps. This is a rat trap with a sticky vinyl attached to the board, the rat is automatically glued the moment it steps on it. It can either be killed through dehydration or can simply be killed using brute force. Finally, the last option is the poison traps. This is the most unpopular of all because of the cruel and painful agony the rats suffer before finally kncoking at death’s door. You can buy a local rat poison and mix it with a rat food bait, then place it in strategic locations where rats most likely will camp. After several minutes or hours, a huge number of rats could be dead. The only downside is that, if the rats are still hidden, you wouldn’t know that they are already dead which later on would cause another problem of foul odor manifestation.

Secondly, another mechanical extermination that can be used is Rat Hunting. Though this is a bit old-fashioned, some people still use it especially those who live in the boondocks or the rural communities. If the problem is inside the house, an air gun can be used which could be most effective especially in deep holes. But if the the problem is in barns or agricultural settings, real guns are sometimes used. In the past, in serious rat problems in specific communities, a rat bounty hunting is popular. Just bring rats’ heads and you’ll receive a monetary reward.

Finally, the newly inveted method, The Eloctronic Rat Exterminators. They could be a little expensive but they also guarantee surprising results. First on the list is the Zap Killer. It is box type machine with a bait trap inside, the moment a rat enters in the metal plate, the trigger will release powerful electricity current for two minutes causing death. Secondly, the Ultrasonic Device wherein soundwaves that are only audible to rats are emtted from this gadget creating annoyance and stress to rats forcing them to leave. Lastly, the Strobing Light Device where rats are exposed to an LED causing intimidation and obtaining the same output as with the Ultrasonic Gadget. The only drawbacks of these devices are the constant battery or electricity consumption and the devices could really be pricey depending on the brand.

Rat Exterminator Services

In some cases where rats infestation is so severe and that when you feel that you lack necessary skills to exterminate these rodents, you might want to consider a professional help coming from different rats exterminator services. They are the pest especialist that you need to do the job. However, the cost is the primary consideration that you have to bear in mind. But monetary value is too cheap for the price you pay to ensure the safety of your family members or the business that you have. Rat exterminator services are usually divided into three phases, The Pre-Extermination, Extermination and Post-Extermination Service.

Pre-Extermination Process

There are several necessary preparations that the company has to confirm before the extermination process commences. Inspection is the first task they have to make. They need to evaluate the status of the infestation, whether how bad or how manageable the situation is. After which, they will proceed to the next level which is determination. Having collated all the data needed after examining the severity of the problem, they will determine what type of actions they will take to stop the rat infestation. The rat exterminator representive will keep an update to you regarding the measures they will take and will give you a quotation of the cost depending on the resources they will utillize for the whole process.

Extermination Process

The rat exterminator will now conduct the process of treatment. The treatment that will be utilized will be based on the level of infestation. For minor cases, they will simply use rat poison and administer rat traps. For severe rat problems, they usually fumigate the whole building by a chemical agent that will cause death to the rats. In cases like this, the residents may be asked to leave the house for a while until the house is chemical-free and rat-free.

Post-Rat Extermination Process

After the treatment process, the rat exterminator service will now give advice how to prevent and manage future rat infestations. If there are some structural alterations that you might need to repair, they will encourage you to do so. Also, they will educate you of some necessary tips that you need to understand with regards to the behavior of the rats and how to counteract to prevent rats from coming back. Lastly, they will keep a tab and will constantly check the progress and success of the extermination service.

To conclude, the decision whether to employ a do-it-your own method or to hire the aid of rat exterminator services is definitely based on your own accord. However, just bear in mind that money is just a cheap amount to pay for the safety and security of your household or business. Utilizing the best methods or services will logically result to best output. The choice is always yours to take.