Rat Repellents – The Right Way

Rats are considered to be one most of the most intelligent living mammals in the planet. They possess a very unique adapting skills that innovates depending on their environment. They easily learn things and apply their knowledge for future adavntages. As a matter of fact, their clever strategy for acquiring food resembles that of a “guerilla” tactic, they eat and run. Also, their evasive behavior made them more difficult to catch and it serves as their safety mechanism against any predator. In addtion, they also have an excellent kinesthetic abilities which they use for foraging food supplies. They are very agile and they have no difficulty climbing structures. Their tails serve them as haltere so they can maintain equilibrium in narrow pathways above the ground such as wires and poles. Their survival aptitude is also commendable. They are omnivores, therefore they can live with any available food resource, may it be in a form of a raw flesh of plants.

Furthermore, what makes them exceptional mammal pests is their ability to reproduce. They have a prolific breeding reputation. In fact, one pair of rat is capable of reproducing 40 young rodents in a year. Just imagine if you have more than one pair in your house, it could certainly be security alarming and health threatening. They are enadangering the safety structure of the house by weakening the foundations through their burrows and they pose health hazards to every family member. They are natural carriers of diseases like, leptospirosis, typhus and salmonella. To add, their gnawing abilities are most of the time causes of leaks in your water pipe lines and with the very same reason, the wirings of your electrical circuits could break which might resul to fire breakouts. To elucidate further, they leave gnawing marks on your custom-made sala set, chews your favorite heels, gnawing rips in your signature bags, and tears off your branded apparels, which I believe is the most provoking of all. With all these illumination about rodents, it is indeed reasonable to say. that so far, they can be considered as the worst pest in your household.

Rat Deterrents

This rat incursion should once and for all be given justice and finally put an end to it. The resoultion therefore is permanent and a consistent system that will drive them away in perpetuity, meaning the employment of rat traps is not applicable since it only pose solution to the existing problem but not the real problem in general. Therefore, there is a need to apply rat repellent measures that will catalyze the process. This is the only method that by far promises a long time answer to your pest control problems. There are three main types of rat repellent, the Natrural, the Synthetic, and the Electronic.

The Natural Repellent

The first kind of rat deterrent is the eco-friendly and the most humane method that can be used in repelling rats away from your abodes.It does not use any chemical or energy to operate. In fact, it is the cheapest means to use most especially if you are considering your finances. The only capital that you will use in applying this method is diligence and hardwork.

Nothing beats the natural way of making your residence clean and orderly. It does not require any budget or deep comprehensive skills, but only industrious hands to do the work. The objective of this strategy is to remove all possible food supplies, water resources and convienient shelters that might be the cause of their prepference to stay in your household. In keeping away their food supplies, you have to properly practice waste segregation. This way, leftovers and rotten foods are securely sealed in the garbage bins. Also, you need to place your food stocks in a strong-lock cabinets. Finally, other food resources such as pet foods and fallen fruits shoul aslo be well taken care of by regular inspection. For their water supply, you need to inspect all water pipelines if there are any leaks, and if there is any, seal it off right away. Moreover, all objects that are capable of storing water should be arranged well or removed if not used at all. Finally, inspect the structure of the house and seal holes that might become their passageway. Hollow boxes and dark places should be organized appropriately. If these three big works are achieved, your success of repelling them away is significantly high.

The second natural way of deterring rats from your house is by adopting a cat. Felines are most-feared predators of rats. First, because cats can evenly match their agility and second is their claws that can easily injure them. Having a cat doesn’t necessarily mean that you will buy the most expensive ones. You can actually have them from stray cat managers and they will willingly hand it to you after completing the papers. The only deficiency in using cats is that they can’t penetrate small places where the rats hide their homes. However, generally, having a cat in the house is an effective way of driving rats away.

Third on the list of effective rat repulsion is planting and growing mint in your garden. Rodents in general have higly sensitive sense of smell, thus their dislike of mint odor can be an excruciating torture for them since their keen sense of smell multiplies the effect. They abhor mint smelling herbal plants and will definitely be the reason for them to leave your house alone. Also, aside from advantage in solving your rat problem, peppermints plants can also be an additional spice to your food or tea.

Fourth rat deterrent method is closely relevant to mint- peppermint oils. You can buy this in stores or you can make you own homemade concuction of peppermint oil to be cost-effective. Use peppermint oil by dripping it on cotton balls and place them in the areas where most likely the rats will stay. Also, you can even mix it with some fragrance for as long as the mint odor is still dominating.

Lastly, you can take advantage of liquid rat repellents. They are liquid mixtures based on predator urine or feces, like cats, snakes, cooyotes, etc.. Place it in a spray bottle and apply it generously to the location where rats might possibly stay. Nowadays, there are already mixtures that you can buy online to save you from elaborate and messy formulation of the liquid spray, not to mention stinky.

The Synthetic Repellent

Synthetic rat deterrents are the most famous repellents used because it is ready-made and available to almost every store local or online. The only drawback is you need to spend if you want to use this method. In terms of the level of effectivity, they are in the same functionality as with the natural repellents.

The first and the most common synthetic rat deterrent is the Moth Balls. It is the synthetic counterpart of mint plants. Naphthalene balls are equally hated by rats because of the chemical smell emitted by the moth balls. You can buy this in your local stores and just place it to areas where rats infestations might commence, for instance the most recommended places are in your cupboards, roofs, attic, garage and toilets.

Secondly, the power of ammonia. This type of rat repellent is almost available everywhere via local stores on online. This is one of the most recommended deterrent because it is 100% safe for humans and pets. You can employ ammonia through the use of cotton balls or by simply using old rugs placing it strategically in potential locations for rat invasion.

Lastly, the usage of urinal deodorizer, popularly know as the “toilet cake” is of equally effective as other rat repellent. Just place it in your walls, garage and attic and it will definitely do its job. It is very easy to use, but will cost you some nickel.

The Electronic Repellent

This type of rat deterrent is the most expensive of all. You need to use electricity or batteries to make it functional, and of course you have to buy the machine as well. Currently, it is gaining momentum in popularity in terms of its productivity. Its effectivity is not a question, but you really have to consider your finances if you want to use this method. But if you are desperate enought to solve the rat problem, provided that you have the available resources, the you can go for it.

The most famous electrical rat deterrent in the market today is the Ultrasonic Device. It operates through the emission of soundwaves only audible to rats’ sensitive sense of hearing. The soundwaves are set on a frequency or pitch that only rats can hear, thus humans can’t hear it. The effect of the soundwaves to the rats are dramatic, it creates a disturbing and annoying sound, making them uneasy and stressed. This stress will decrease their productivity and activity forcing them to leave and look for a better place to stay. The only downside of this machine is that for a number of rats, especially the younger ones, their sense of hearing might be accustomed with it through time and the effect will eventually wear off. However, for adult rats, it is a sure repulsion for them.

Lastly, the most current invention is the Strobing Light Machines. It is gaining popularity in the public because it deters not only the rats but other rodents such as squirrels. The machine functions as an intimidation to the pest within your vicinity. Since rats are not comfortable with light, it will surely be a stressful agent for the group and will prevent other rats to stay and will persuade residential rats to leave. The only disadvantage of this machine is its cost. It could be really expensive with respect to the brands and will consume electrical supply as well.

Overall, the primary goal is to repel the rats away forever. Therefore, with consideration to your financial capacity, environment, and prepference, you can now decide what rat repellent is the best to employ in your household rat infestation.