Seagull Control: Get Rid of These Annoying Birds Once and For All

Have you ever tried getting defecated by a seagull in the head? Isn’t it annoying that while you are walking, relaxing, and watching the bay, this bird just ruined it by dropping you their waste? Seagulls can sometimes be a real pain in the head. But before getting into that, we should first get to know about some general information about them.

Belonging to the family of Laridae in the sub-order Lari, Gulls or seagulls are seabirds that are most closely related to auks, skimmers, and waders. Usually, seagulls can size from medium to large, and has grey, white or black markings on its head and wings. Most of these birds are ground nesting carnivores, which consumes on live food which can include fish or crab or even scavenge if opportunity permits.

They can become a real problem when they invade your home by building their nest on your roof. Also, when they defecate in it, or in your car, or basically anywhere and one thing that you should remember that will scare you is these wastes can contain harmful materials that can infect not only you but also the ones you loved the most. These wastes are rich in nutrients and can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other types of organisms. Not only that these are infectious, but these wastes are also highly corrosive and can damage your car’s paint job and these droppings can be a real problem because it is difficult to be cleaned. One more thing that makes a seagull disturbing is that they can steal your food. So when you are eating your lunch, they can grab it from above and it really is annoying. Because these birds come in medium to large size, they can most probably cause harm and injury to their human victims when they become aggressive, and you surely do not want to become one of those.

One thing is for sure, you now consider these lovely birds as your enemy. They may not cause you any trouble or anything but knowing a thing about them is an advantage in your part. Sure, you can just look for your gun and shoot them in no time, but be prepared to face legal charges because even if these birds are really annoying, they are also protected animals that must be properly handled. So if you are thinking of killing them with your own hands, always think again. If the time comes and these birds harm you or cause you pain in the head, you can be at ease because you are now equipped with the proper knowledge. Behold, because we just have the best solutions in getting rid of these seagulls. When asking about how to keep seagulls away, we just have the best methods available. Consider your problem solved because we will guide you by the in about how to get rid of seagulls once and for all.

There are sure lots of ways on how to keep seagulls away. Below are just some of the methods that you can basically use to exterminate them. These methods are safe, convenient, economical, and are very practical so there is really nothing to worry about folks. Follow each step and you will be rewarded with great perks!

Use Seagull Spikes

Sometimes, seagulls love staying at places like your roof or your balcony. They stay there together with their company and other friends. Even worse, they can leave their wastes on it and it can be a real problem. So when you observed that it has become their habit of staying at your roof, you can place seagull spikes in there. Seagulls basically love to stay on flat surfaces, so when you place these spikes in your roof, they might stay away because the place becomes uncomfortable to stay for them and consider other places as their zone. There is nothing to worry about harming these birds because seagull spikes are made or plastic or blunt metal. Aside from these spikes are being handy and very easy to install. Also, about your home decoration, you have nothing to worry about these won’t affect the aesthetics of your home. Convenient and very economical, seagull spikes are just your best friend when it comes to getting rid of seagulls.

Use Bird Nets

A bird net is something that is best to use when you just need to protect a large area from seagulls. It is a synthetic material that is highly durable and is installed on large spans that need protective covering. Because of its high durability, bird nets can last up to 10 years or more, so guaranteed that it has given value for your money. These materials are also barely seen from afar so your home’s aesthetics are really not that affected. You can choose the right net for the right bird, but for seagulls, the average mesh size is 75 mm only.

Use Seagull Wires

Seagull wires are basically long metal wires with mounted springs at each end. These are considered to be a great add-on to your materials in keeping away seagulls. When a seagull lands on the wires, the spring will bounce up and down, so it will make the gull have the feeling of instability. Not to mention, these birds love to stay at places that are flat and stable in which case, when they stay on the wires, it will be too uncomfortable for them. They will feel shaky landing on it and it will be an advantage for you because they will eventually leave your place in an instant and consider finding their comfortable spot at other places. These wires are best used in long areas that are quite impractical for spikes.

Consider Nest Moving

You can always ask the nest to be removed legally if you can’t afford other methods. This can be done by licensed officers, authorities or companies and guaranteed that they will provide you with their best service. If you do the nest moving yourself, you are breaking the law and prepare to have a word with the legal counsel because these animals are well protected by laws and authorities. One thing to remember, if doing it with a professional, you must put on some protective gears because seagulls can become aggressive and defensive when they feel that someone is removing their nests. You are now considered in a dangerous situation when you don’t arm yourself with protective gears. It has been stated in the previous paragraphs that these girls are medium to large in size and can really cause you harm and eventually, injury. It is best to just leave the job behind to these professionals because they are well trained and have the right experience on these operations.

Use Some Seagull Repellant

Great for persons who just want to buy something that is highly effective in driving away animals that disturb your home like seagulls, a repellant is what you might need. Seagull repellants are readily available in the market and can just be bought over the counter. It comes from the lowest level in terms of the amount of active ingredient up to the highest level. You can choose from these repellants and be sure that you handle it with the highest care. You surely don’t want to cause harm in your family. If you look for a solution that is very convenient and effective, a seagull repellant is what you should choose.

Contact a Professional

When you want to save time and have more quality bonding with your family, consider calling in a professional. They are experts when it comes providing services especially exterminating pests in your home. From ants, mosquitoes, and even seagulls, they are your partner. It does not cause you that much. Besides, it surely is practical to just call someone to do the job for you rather than do it yourself. Not only that it saves you from much trouble, you can be sure that these pests won’t be back again. So if you want to just sit back, cook for your family and have a quality time, consider calling a professional and they will do the job for you. Say goodbye to these annoying seagulls once and for all.

Seagull Preventions

One alternative to using the above methods is to use preventive measures. Preventions are methods that you can basically use to really get rid of these seagulls. If you don’t want to regularly do the above methods, preventions are your best partner. Just follow these suggestions and guaranteed that seagulls will leave your home and will never come back again. You are now saved from the disturbance caused by seagulls.

Don’t Keep Any Food and Water Sources around Your Home

One main reason why seagulls invade your home, is because they have found a new nesting place where they can have a source of their food. So as a preventive measure, do not leave any traces of source for food and water. They will most probably feed on it and will consider your home their new food source. Be sure that you always check your backyard for traces of foods. Always empty your bird feeder. Do not leave any sources of stagnant water; make sure that you always throw them away. These waters could also be a nesting ground for mosquitoes and other types of insects that could possibly infect your family.

Keep your Surrounding Clean

Seagull can also feed on garbage. To avoid these hungry seagulls from flying their way into your garbage, keep your trash bins tightly close and sealed. Make sure that you always keep your area tidy and free from organisms from invading your home. Not only that this keeps your yard clean and free from other types of insects, this could also keep seagulls away.

Install Poles and Seagull Lines

Using these will discourage seagulls from staying at your home. Not only this, but it will keep them away from snatching your food. You surely don’t want to make them snatch the food just before you put it in your mouth, do you?

Introduce Pet in Your House

Pets are your friendly neighborhood. They can be your stress reliever and can be a friend to your children. Every household should have a pet because they can just be your playmate. Not to mention, they can also scare away other animals like seagulls. Have your home a cat or dogs and place them outside. Seagulls are disturbed by them and surely, they will think twice about visiting your home. Cats or dogs can startle the seagull and these birds will consider looking for other places where they can have their place. Not only that these pets are highly effective when it comes to driving away seagull and other types of animal, they are also safe for your family.

Actually, there is no need to hurt these lovely birds. Seagulls also serve as a part of the ecosystem. They are the main reason why the population of some animals is stable. If you get rid of them, there might be an unbalance in the ecosystem. But these animals could sometimes be a nuisance. They disturb the harmony in your home by creating disturbing noises at afternoon. They can expel wastes at your roof, balcony or car that cannot be easily removed and worst, can cause infectious disease because these wastes are nutrient-rich and can serve as the food for bacteria and other little organisms. Not only this but they are annoying in the sense that they snatch your food and it is really disturbing. They can also defecate on your head while you are walking at the bay enjoying the view of the beach.

They may be your enemy, but there are lots of methods available to really get rid of them. From methods that you can just do at home, to using professional services, the choice is really in your hands. But above all, conducting preventive measures should be your main priority. These methods really save you from the trouble of doing your own home remedy to contacting a professional pest control agent.