What are the Different Types of Dangerous Snakes and Snake Repellents

We cannot deny the fact that snakes already have this certain stigma that it is one of the most feared animals in the world. There is already an instant impression that from the very beginning when you talk about these reptiles you know it is dangerous because of it’s fang and venom. But then again that’s just for the little and medium ones. Other fearsome image that we have of snakes is when the big ones can actually wrapped around us and eat us whole like the anaconda.

It pretty sounds judgemental on our part regarding these snakes, but it is understandable especially there are some snakes that can be beneficial to gardens. Still, we cannot remove the fact that they these slithering creatures can be more of a menace than of help.

Snake Dangers

Scary, but it is the truth. Snakes can be fatal and cause death.

There are a lot of snakes but the world’s most dangerous snakes includes the rattlesnake, the death adder, the viper, the Philippine cobra, the tiger snake, the black mamba, taipan, blue krait, eastern brown snake, the inland taipan.

The rattlesnake is easily recognized by its tell-tale rattle that is located at the end of its tail. It is a snake that is part of the viper family and that they can strike 2/3rd of their body’s length. The juvenile rattlesnakes are considered more dangerous than their adult counterpart because they cannot control the amount of venom they can inject to its prey.

Most rattlesnakes carry the venom hemotoxic. This type of venom destroys the tissue, causes disrupted blood clothing or coagulopathy, degenerates some of the body’s organs, and sometimes give permanent scarring that leads to loss of limb or worst, it may lead to death despite being treated immediately. The rattlesnakes are the only ones that can be found in the Americas especially these are the types of snakes in Texas and other desert places.

Another dangerous snake is the Death Adder that usually have their habitat in Australia and New Guinea. The good thing about these snakes they would hunt, ambush and kill other dangerous snakes. The Death Adders has a head shaped like a triangle, they are quite short and have squat bodies. Their venom is called neorotoxin that when injected to the body via a bite, it does not only causes paralysis but may also result to respiratory failure which often leads to death after 6 hours.

The viper is another commonly known venomous snake as it is often almost in a lot of places in the world such as China, Central Asia, India, Middle East and South East Asia. These very generally nocturnal and quick-tempered snakes are often seen in the rains. They move swiftly and when they do bite, it begins with an excruciating pain at the bite site, followed by the blistering, swelling and bleeding of the affected extremity, and eventually the heart rate fails. Sometimes facial swelling happens and that people tend to vomit. Viper bites can be painful for 2-4 weeks more. People can die due to a viper bite as the victims may acquire septicaemia and cardiac failure.

The Philippine Cobra which is the most deadly among all the other types of cobras can spit up to 3 meters. The neorotoxicity, this cobra’s venom, can cause paralysis and eventual death in half an hour as it can immediately interrupt nerve cells, affects cardiac and other respiratory functions.

Another poisonous nuisance is the Tiger snake as it has potent neurotoxic venom that it is like the Philippine cobra can kill people within 30 minutes. This snake would generally would go away and flee from you but they could be aggressive if you try to corner them. If that happens you can be an immediate victim as they are known for their accurate strikes.

When it comes to the much feared African-based snake, the black Mamba they are like the Tiger snakes as it is capable of accurate strikes but it differs from the fact that they are very aggressive snakes. They are the swiftest snakes in the entire world. They can strike its victim up to 12 strikes and victims can from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Another dangerous snake is the Taipan. Taipan’s highly neurotoxic venom is so lethal that it clots the blood and create blockage in the victims arteries or veins. Death can happen in just an hour but if treated well and immediate by antivenin, the victims are placed in the extensive care for a long time.

The Malayan or Blue Krait may not be as famous as the abovementioned snakes but it is deadly as well. Even if you get a chance to administer antivenin, these nocturnal snakes has neurotoxin venom that is sixteen times more lethal than other snakes such as the cobra. People who are not treated by antivenin may die 6-12 hours after this snake’s bite. Survival is fatal as well as may cause brain death and result to a permanent coma.

When it comes to the Eastern Brown Snake just a 1/14000 ounce of their venom can already kill a full-grown adult. It’s an aggressive snake that has a venom that contains neurotoxin and blood coagulants. The partially good news for human beings like us, these types of snake prefer not to bite humans if possible.

The most venomous and dangerous snake in the world is the Inland Taipan or the Fierce Snake. It is a snake that has the most toxic venom compared to other land snakes in the world. It is more than 10 times venomous than a typical Mojave Rattlesnake and 50 times greater than the famously known common cobra. It can potentially kill humans after 45 minutes.

How to keep snakes away

To prevent any type of snakes from coming to your house or how to get rid of snakes by creating snake traps, there are few things you can do yourself. Some of them are so basic that it would be a snitch to do it, but some may need extra precautionary measures to make them an effective snake repellent.

1. Know what type of snakes you have in your vicinity or area, be acquainted with their behavior, know their preferred hiding places, the types of food they eat, Knowing this will help you focus more on the different types of snake repellent to effectively use.

2. Make sure your place is clutter free as snakes like these cozy, warm, dark places that is perfect habitat for them or at least these spaces serve as great hiding places.

3. Remove piles of leaves and cut grass, wood chip and straw mulch and the likes in your yard as snakes like to hide in them.

4. Also make sure that you do not have tall-growing plants and thick plants in your area or neighborhood. These are very attractive to snakes.

5. As much as possible do not have ground-level water sources like large puddles as snakes like swimming in them. Drained them as soon as possible. If you plan to have ponds in your area make sure they are not near your home and that they are constantly monitored from snakes.

6. Aside having pest problems that can be nuisance to your house, these rodents and insects can be food sources for the snake. So get rid of them and you will have solve two problems in one time – pests and snakes.

7. Seal holes when you have seen snakes in your yard. This is one way to have snake control by making sure they don’t get in your home. Remember even the most little of holes must be patched up because snakes can squeeze itself there.

8. Another snake deterrent is placing a snake proof fence which will depend on the type of area you have, how often the snakes travel there. To be sure you can the best type of this snake proof fence, do consult or hire a professional to put it up for you as they know the best type to use.

9. When it comes to the question of how to get rid of snakes you can easily by commercial snake repellents available at garden stores and online. There’s a danger in using them though, not just for the one who uses it but to animals and nature as well. It’s best that you know the risks that these repellents give. Read the label and strictly and accurately follow the directions.

10. When it comes to making your own snake trap there are mechanical and glue traps you can set up in the different places in your house. Before you do this make sure you contact a professional or local animal control officer to assist you to do these traps legally and as safely as possible.

11. There are also some natural snake repellent that you can use. Marigolds and Capsasin repel snakes because of their strong odor. Farmers usually use sulphur and lime as natural snake repellents too.

Getting rid of snakes can be taxing and dangerous, the best thing to do is to let a competent, reliable and certified snake catcher to do this job. There may not be a chance that you would encounter the above mentioned most venomous slithering reptiles in the world, but a snake is a snake. It is important that you have the right snake guard and people to assist you with this.