Sparrow Control: Let Them Fly and Never Let Them Come Back

With over 50 different species of its kind all over North America alone, Sparrows are unique birds that you can’t just identify when you first look at it. However, these wild birds are the most familiar and most common birds in the world. Their names are also used for the genus family of Passer and are also called as Old World sparrows and true sparrows. Sparrows are types of birds that are highly adaptable and can nest their way into any type of structure. Many of their species build habitat on buildings, while another type of sparrows like the Eurasian Tree and House Sparrows, specifically inhabit cities in group, so we can confirm that these birds really the most common of all wild birds.

These birds consume on small insects but are primarily consumers of grain foods such as seeds. Common to these birds are small in type, with brown eyes, short tails, short but are powerful beaks. As a group, they are also called songbirds, and can grow as 4 to 8 inches; in general, these birds measure about 5 to 7 inches. Species of sparrow generally share the same overall physical appearance, but it is their traits that serve a more distinctive quality. The following are the common traits that can be observed on sparrows:

Sparrows flock in groups or in pairs. These birds are only found in pairs or with their family groups, like the species of songbirds, usually in the season of spring and summer. However on autumn and spring, they mix the different species of sparrows.

Sparrows’ Flight Pattern is fast. The agility of a sparrow is admired because it can travel up in the air at a high speed. When a sparrow fly, it somewhat have a brief glide into the air, then it folds its wings and flies in the air smoothly.

Sparrows are Grain-Eater. Generally, sparrows eat seeds. But during seasons where they grow their hatchlings, they needed protein which can be obtained from insects so basically, they are also insect eaters.

One thing is for sure, you will love sparrows. With their cute little appearance, and their lovely chirping they surely can be your pet. They are harmless and you can just place them over a cage and look at them to relieve your stress. Wait a minute, harmless you say? These birds can also cause harm to. Maybe not directly into you, but these birds can be considered also as pests because they can harm and damage your garden. They can also carry highly infectious disease that when gain access to you, may cause damage in your body. Scary, right? We will discuss with you more about what these birds can do.

They may be lovely when it comes to appearance, and pleasing when it comes with their chirping, but some people, especially those who have crops or any type of people who are commonly infested by sparrows, they are considered as a nuisance. Would you still admire this bird if it has already damaged your garden? Would you still be pleased with their chirping if they already carry germs and pests that could harm your family’s health? Sparrows could be stopped and in this article, we will just show you how. When asking about how to get rid of sparrows, we just have the right solutions. From passive control up to active controls, whatever your preference you may have, these are methods that you can use to keep sparrows away.

Get Rid of Any Thing that Could Serve as The Nesting Ground of Sparrow.

It has been stated from the above description that these birds are generally adaptable. Meaning, they can nest basically at any type of surfaces as long as it can serve as their habitat. You should block all the gaps and entryways in your house, in your warehouse, in your garage, and the gaps on your air conditioners and a lot of possible entries.

Check Your Windows for Cracks or Openings.

Yes, please do check your windows for any cracks. Not only that it is unattractive and can ruin your house’s overall appearance, it can serve as the entry ways for sparrows. In successfully entered, they will surely infest and roam around your home. You surely don’t want that to happen, do you? So make sure to change or even just cover it with something to keep sparrows away.

Discard Any Sources of Water and Food From Your Outdoor Surroundings.

If you love your garden in your backyard, you surely don’t want that to be infested, especially by these little birds. If there are sources of water and food in your area, sparrows will likely be attracted and will take your garden as their new nesting ground. As a control, do not leave any stagnant water or scattered seeds around your garden. Alternatively, you may use other type of seeds that will not attract sparrows but other types of native birds. These seeds may include sunflower, and safflower seeds. Remember to not scatter these foods: oats, bread crumbs, and millet, as sparrows love to eat foods.

Use Bird Traps.

Using bird traps is one of the most harmful ways in getting rid of sparrows. There are lots of available types of traps in the market or you can just make your own trap. It is in a form of a cage and when a sparrow is trapped to it, surely there is no escape. To attract these birds, you can put in seeds like corn, sunflower, or bread crumbs, biscuits, etc. When trapped inside, you can trim their wings so that they are prevented from harming your garden and damaging other bird’s nest. After which you have the choice on what to do with them. You can free and let them fly away, but this method is really not that advisable because there are tendencies that they might still return and infest on your garden. Another method that you can use though is by euthanizing this little bird. Killing this birds in the most human way does not give you any feeling of guiltiness, so this is most probably the good choice.

Do Use Some Sparrow Repellant.

These repellants may come in a form of gel, tape, or powder. Be sure to look for an organic or a repellant that does not have much toxic, so that it can’t harm other living creatures. Apply a decent amount of the repellant or use it according to the packaging instructions in to where a sparrow bird nest or to where you might think they will nest. This way, you could really get rid of these birds.

Use a Fake Owl to Startle the Sparrow.

Generally, owls are natural predators and sparrows are really scared of them. So one thing to do is use a fake owl and place near in to where the sparrows nest. This way, the sparrow might leave the place and consider other places as their nesting ground. They will never consider yours as their habitat because they know that there is already an owl, which can scare and feed on them.

Use a Firearm to Kill a Sparrow.

This is just for people who are really good at firing. This is only good for people who have a licensed gun and are really good at aiming. Before doing this, make sure that no one is around. So make this your last choice because using this might harm not only you but also others, especially your family. Another thing to consider is make sure that it is legal in your town to kill a sparrow because you surely don’t want to have a word with your town’s legal counsel. So if you want to make it to a point that you really get rid of these birds, point a gun and shoot them!

Use Sparrow Spikes.

There are lots of sparrow spikes available in the web today. You can just simply order it online and receive it in a couple of days. These spikes are really useful in getting away sparrows. When they see some spikes, they will have second thoughts on whether they should stay on it or just fly away and find another place as their habitat. One thing to remember though, as some spikes are really not effective for small birds, it can serve as their nesting grounds. They can build their nests on it. So instead of the spikes being a control for sparrows, it has served as its nesting ground. Make it a point that you really choose the best spike; the one which can have the value over your money. Do not just choose then buy a spike that can’t really give you the best quality. Do not compromise yourself with low quality bird spikes, choose wisely.

Destroy Sparrow Nests.

Above all, controlling the bird’s origin is the most effective way of getting rid of them. If you are asking about how to keep the sparrows away, destroying their nests is one of the most possible and highly effective methods. Locate their nest and remove it away. Remember to put on some protective gears such as gloves and masks because these nests might contain bacteria from their dirt and when ingested, can cause minor to severe health issues. So really take some precautionary measures in getting rid of their nests.

Destroy Sparrow Eggs.

Another thing that will drive sparrows away is to destroy their eggs. Prevent the eggs from hatching by doing it in the most humane way. By refrigerating the egg for 24 hours and bring it back to the nest or just by shaking it, one thing to hope for is that the eggs won’t hatch. Over the next few days, the sparrows will just leave your garden. Say goodbye to the sparrows and never let them back. If ever that new group of birds infest your garden, you can just repeat this step and surely, they will get irritated and will really never get back again at your house.

Contact Your Professional Pest Control.

Considered to be professionals, you basically can just call them over the phone or via the internet, and consider that your problem will be solved in just a few minutes. These people are professionals when it comes to exterminating any types of pests. By trusting them the job of eradicating these little birds, you can have free time for your family. Instead of seeing yourself wearing some protective gears, you can now see yourself spending quality time with your family. Hiring these professionals allow you to take on a vacation weekend trip into some relaxing and nice place.

Sparrows in general are lovely, admirable, and can be your pet. You can love seeing them fly up in the air in groups or in pairs, and just adore how they glide smoothly. They are the most common type of wild birds and can be beneficial in the general sense that they make the ecosystem balance by feeding on to other types of living creatures like insects that may infect not only you but also your family. However, these lovely creatures could also cause a nuisance to you. Not only that they infest on crops, they could also damage your garden. Sparrows also expel corrosive urine and can produce a very unpleasant odor of from it. Not only that it disturb your breathing of a fresh and uncontaminated air, it may also have a bad side effect on your health.

These birds can be a real pain in the head but there surely lots of ways that you can get away with them. From the above examples that can be done at home, you can get rid of these sparrows in time. Not only that these methods are safe, these ways are highly effective and will not cost you that much. So next time, if you are looking about how to get rid of sparrows, just refer to this article and say goodbye to these little lovely birds.