Tick Removal Techniques For Every Pet Lover

Ticks have become such common problem among pets, and yet a definite solution remains elusive. Among the house pets, dogs or their puppies are the common victims of flea and tick due to their body covering. Even the most meticulous pet owner can still end up with a pet vehemently scratching due to tick infestation. However, it should be noted that ticks are not an exclusive dog problem as these parasites can also easily attach to a human body. Fleas and ticks feed on both animal and human blood. They are only more common in dogs due to the conducive environment for reproduction under the dog’s fur. This explains why dog removal products grew extremely popular, among veterinarians and mere pet owners.

How did my dog get ticks?

Apart from serious pet diseases, one of the things that every pet owner really tries to avoid is tick. However, despite persistent efforts, somehow the dog still ends up scratching its body wildly, which is one of the first symptoms of tick infestation. Unless a dog is caged, it will always have high chances of getting fleas and ticks. These parasites are usually hiding in bushes or soil waiting for their next food source, which happens to be your dog most of the time.

Ticks are particularly more active during the spring and summer months, so it is best to learn how to get rid of ticks earlier in order to be all geared up for the tick season. Be aware that ticks do not only cause annoying ich in your dog’s body, but can also cause severe diseases to your pet and even to the rest of the family.

Some of the most common diseases that can be contracted from ticks and fleas are:

* Rocky mountain spotted fever

* Tularemia

* Lyme disease

Oftentimes, these diseases can turn into something fatal when not detected at an early stage.

Act on Ticks Now!

Fortunately, there is now a long list of tick removal methods and products to help every household get rid of these parasites, any season of the year. Let’s start with the specific tick treatments for dogs.

1) Tick Collars – these are one of the most innovative tick repellent for dogs. Basing on the fact the ticks are mostly concentrated on the pet’s collar and head, this product directly blocks ticks before they can even get close to your pe’s skin. The collar works by releasing chemicals in the dog’s body that immediately repeals insects and parasites such as ticks. This product is more effective for tick control than tick removal.

2) Tick spray – if in case your pet has already been showing signs of pet infestation, it is best to go for tick removal products like tick sprays. These products kills ticks in a span of hours to one day, depending on the extent of the infestation. Most of tick sprays are available over the counter and are very easy to apply.

3) Tick shampoo – no matter how many times you try to bath your dog, without the using the anti-flea and tick shampoo, your dog will continue to suffer from the parasites. Make your dog’s bath time dual purpose by replacing the regular shampoo with tick shampoo. Remember though that not all of these shampoos are suitable for every dog breed, so it is crucial to consult your veterinarian about the best brand and type of shampoo to buy.

4) Oral treatments – since external tick treatments for dogs pose some dangers to human health, letting the dogs take the anti-tick pill is a convenient alternative to get rid of ticks. The pill readily kills any tick or flea in your pet’s body by disrupting their life cycle. At the same time, you pet will also be protected from recurring infestation with continuous use.

5) Topical creams – a famous brand for this treatment is the Frontline Flea and Tick. The product was specifically designed to be spot-on treatment for ticks. It is applied directly in the affected area, specifically the part where tick bites can be seen. A detailed information on how to use the topical cream is also included in the product packaging. Frontline boasts to be a pet and human friendly treatment.

How to Get Rid of Ticks in the House

Buying tick removal treatments for every detected infestation is certainly a pricey habit. Once you find out that one of your pets have ticks, it is already high time for you to consider making your house less attractive to ticks.

Initial step is to get rid of bushes and tall grasses. Unless these are important parts of your yard or landscape, you are really just trying to build a conducive home for ticks. Even if you still cannot see any signs of ticks, it is better to sure and proactive about these parasites.

It will also help if you prepare the right tools when trying to clear the bushy area in your lot. Be ready with tweezers in case you actually happen to find ticks during the clearing process. However, if your are not that comfortable with killing ticks with your own hand, you can simply put them in a cup of alcohol. Ticks will not die with water alone.

Given that pets are the common victims of pets, one of the ways to get rid of ticks in your house is to constantly check for any ticks in your pet’s body. Some pets may not readily show signs of discomfort even if there is already a tick feeding on their body. Regular tick-check will prevent the tick from reproducing and causing further disease to your dog.

Finally, after administering all the possible tick removal techniques on your pet, it would still be best to take them to your veterinarian to be checked for any possible disease that may have been brought by the ticks or fleas. Tick-related diseases can progress really fast, so early detection can definitely save pet’s life.