Making Turkey Vultures Control Possible in Your Home

For most people, discovering that turkey vultures have invaded their space is a real nightmare. It seems to be a dead-end, because unlike other house pests, it is not possible to simply kill these creatures. With the spring and summer coming, a lot are already raising concerns regarding the possible resurgence of these birds pests in their area, and are looking for turkey vultures control that they can administer without being too harsh.

Contrary to the usual belief, it is actually possible to get rid of turkey vultures despite the limited options. You just need to have a clear understanding of the real nature of these birds in order to find practical ways to keep them away.

What are Turkey Vultures?

Turkey vultures are bird pests the originally flock in the southern parts of US. They are easily distinguished with their dark feathers and huge built (even larger than a typical geese). Similar to the common turkey, they also have reddish skin and bald head that are essential for their natural survival. By nature, turkey vultures are scavengers, which explains how they have eventually attacked modern buildings and houses. They are often found in higher grounds of building including home rooftops and usually come in flock, causing the bigger problem. A lot of people who have been attacked by turkey vultures have been to clueless and scared to even take the right action to get rid of the pest.

While they are generally considered as migratory birds, they have also been classified as pests by several communities due to the damages they create in the areas that they invade. For once, the moment they land on rooftops, these turkeys are known to ruin surfaces, thus causing external and aesthetic damages to the house or building. Aside from that, these bird pests may also nest in your own house, which only adds to the entire problem.

Once they are in your territory, another problem that you have to deal with are their dropping, which can really be a lot and hard to handle considering that there are at least five turkey vultures that will gather in one place. Aside from the filth, these droppings may also be sources of bacteria and parasites, which can be harmful to human and animal health. Studies show that vulture droppings have been a source of life threatening diseases including meningitis, salmonella, histoplasmosis. As if these problems are not enough, turkey vultures can also be rowdy pests, which can terribly disrupt normal living conditions. There have also been reports of some Turkey vultures directly attacking people, especially those who are bringing along food.

How to Keep Turkey Vulture Away

You cannot trap them. You surely cannot kill them. What makes turkey vultures control tougher is the consideration for humane act, as indicated in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. So, regardless of the extent of damages caused by the vulture in your house, you will always have to observe the provisions of the act to avoid further troubles. Aside from the this treaty, it also seems impossible to get rid of turkey vulture because of their size and destructive nature so no bird pest control product will seem to last long enough with these birds. So fart, the common suggested commercial products against turkey vultures is the electric bird wire, which can be used to fence around the rooftop and other areas prone to turkey vulture invasion. Prevention is definitely better than cure with these bird pests.

Note also that these turkey vultures will eventually leave their roost in daytime to look for more food. This gives you more time to prepare the needed tools to drive them away as they try to come back to your rooftop. One of the effective ways is to spray high-pressure water. This requires consistency and patience and may not always work the first time. If you want a more passive way of scaring turkey vulture away, you can also make use of loud noises such as alarms and firecrackers. This technique should send the turkeys scampering around, trying to find a safer place than your roof.

Truly, being invaded by turkey vulture can be anyone’s nightmare, but it is important to remember to have a presence of mind when trying to get rid of them. You can make turkey vulture control possible with your own hands.