Woodpecker Control – Know the Effective Methods of Woodpecker Control

Woodpeckers are great engineering birds. Because of their building ability, sometimes it may lead to damaging your personal properties like house walls, posts, and attic. Aside from the physical damage they can give to your property, they can also give you a hard time on getting asleep at night due to their noisy pecking construction going on for their roost or nest. These are just some of the problems they are capable of, not to mention the droppings they can produce when they are roosting in your house.

Because of the noise and damage they are capable of, many are eager to get rid of these birds. There are many methods that you can use to repel these birds from even entering your property as well as the gadgets that you can use to get rid of them. No matter what the method and gadgets you use too keep them away or get rid of them, without the proper orientation how these birds attack and behave, it will all go to waste, waste of time, waste of energy and waste of money. So here are some key points that you need to remember and follow before attempting to get rid of these noisy engineer birds and make them stop pecking at unwanted holes.

What Triggers These Birds to Peck?

This is the main reason you should know about before doing anything like using deterrents right away or perhaps using the gadget you just bought from a pest control center or anything similar. When you found the main reason why they peck, it will be easier for you to deter these noisy birds. There are three main reasons why these woodpeckers peck on a surface. Let’s discuss the reasons one by one then we will start from there.

Food is near! Now get to work and drill!

This is probably one of the most common reasons why these woodpeckers drill your house. It is the food after all. What do these birds eat anyway? Bugs, beetles, larvae and grubs are like pizza or burgers for them, they will do anything to get a hold of these grubs, pests and insects.

Roosting has never been safe in a place like this.

Woodpeckers also want to have a secure area where they can roost or nest, a good plus if the area is infested with grubs, larvae, insects. They require a hollowed out nesting site, so they need to experiment on locations to find the best place to nest or roost in. You may find not just one, two or three holes that are pecked undone due to the process of selecting the best place. The undone holes may come in a shallow or deep hole, depending on where they realized it is not a good place.

This will be my place from here on.

Aside from food and shelter, there is one thing these wood peckers are up to. If not for courting purposes or getting attention from the opposite sex, they are likely advertising or telling the nearby area that the area is claimed, this process is called drumming. The damage done by this behavior is at minimal, but the noise can still be irritating most of the time during the process of doing this type of behavior around your property.

Now that we are aware why these flying engineers are doing all these pecking and drilling, it will definitely be easier for us to deter the birds the right way, without hassle, less trouble and it will surely save us time, effort and money.

How to Control Woodpeckers

The best way to keep the birds away is to do begin the control as soon as you hear the first peck. Before we take our move on getting rid of the birds, we should be aware why these birds are causing us trouble, try to observe what they are up to when they are pecking on the area once you locate them. Depending on what their aim will be, our method to use will follow after.

Set the Trees Right Where They Should Be

Removing or relocating large trees around your house property is a great start to show the wood peckers that your area is not a safe place for them. This will give them the encouragement that to stay in thicker cover rather than picking on thin surfaces such as your house. Planting the right plant in your lawn or yard will also lessen the woodpecker damage in your house property such as shrubs and flowerbeds.

Should they have already made a hole in your house walls or posts, repainting the area and repairing right away will not encourage them to stay in the area due to lack of safety for them, hence they will likely move to an area nearby.

If these birds are not affected by relocating methods, perhaps applying one or more of the following methods below will get rid of them for good.

Offer Them Mansion-Like Houses

If their purpose is for roosting or nesting, give them the best bird house they can never resist, be sure to create a bird house appropriate in their size Also do not forget that they want to have a hollow house so do your best when designing the bird house. Once you have the bird house ready for transfer, place it as near as possible to the area where the wood peckers roost or nest, soon after they will move to the new house for good. You can then repair and repaint the hole they made.

Offer Them the Appropriate Area and Wood for Drumming

Place hollow woods around your area or near the place where they usually drum, this will give them the initiative to drum on the wood you placed instead on your house property. Placing the distraction in a far place will likely be better for everyone to hear a more pleasant sound rather than noise from their drumming.

Get Rid of Their Food Source

If the reason why they peck in your house property is because of food, then it might be best if you get rid of the insects, this way, when they have no food to get from your house, they will likely move to another location where food source is abundant, once they leave, you can then do repairs and repaints to areas that are affected.

Shine like A Star

These wood peckers really hate shiny stuff. Placing shinny things near and on the area where you usually spot them is a great way to deter these birds. Placing old shiny CD’s or reflective mirrors and even shiny tapes will likely do the job. Aluminum foils or reflective tapes can be a good reflector as well. There are a number of these shiny things you can buy from pest control centers or hardware stores. Refer to your nearest pest control center or hardware store and inquire about these repellents.

Handheld windmills that contain reflective vanes are also great for deterring the pests, place them near the affected area and the shine should keep them away.

Place Fake Predators near The Area Where They Are Usually Found

Using a fake owl or hawk will give the birds a threat since these hawks are a big threat to them in the first place. Place it in an area where they usually drum or peck, with this, they will likely move to another place where they feel safety to drum and search for food.

This will give them the threat as soon as they go out from their roost or nest. But be careful when using this method, though, these birds are smart enough to tell that it is a fake owl or hawk. Perhaps moving the fake predators in different areas will still give them the impression that they are being watched by these predators. Avoid placing the fake birds in the same area for days.

Feed These Noisy Engineers to Keep Them Away From Attacking Your House

If it is food that they are after and they are attacking your house, provide them a good amount of food so they won’t attack your house. Using bird feeders can be a good choice, though it may be a simple method for others but this method is worth the try as well.

If they are attacking during spring, fall, and winter, it is best to apply this method because food is scarce during these times of the year for these birds. If you give them an ample amount of food during these times of the year, you will likely give them a diversion instead getting your house attacked.

Surprise The Wood Peckers! They Do Not want to be surprised

Place sound alarms near the affected area, with an electronic distress call system, recorded in a way that will give them goose bumps all over their body will give them the cue to relocate to another place as soon as possible. A good example of a good and effective recording is a downy wood pecker pecking on a wood and then a high-pitched sharp hawk screech follows. Placing the recording in the affected area with intervals on every alarm will likely increase the success of deterring the wood peckers for good. Do this method as necessary.

Using a sound alarm that is equipped with a motion detector sensor will also get the job done, be sure to place the alarm in an area where they likely perch or roost. This will give them inconvenience and an unsafe impression in the area and the near area, soon after the wood pecker will likely move to another location.

Another surprise method you can use to deter the wood peckers is movement. Place socks or flags with different colors around and near the affected area. Wood peckers do not want too much movement as it will give them the cue that these things might hurt them.

It is Getting Worse, What Should I Do Now?

There may be cases that your property has been a very good spot for the noisy engineers to roost or nest that it ended up not only one or two of the birds are roosting but more than ten or twenty of them. If this is you and you have tried doing all the possible methods you read and know about but still no effect, then the best and wise thing for you to do is to call a bird control professional to get the job done. Doing this alone will definitely take time and effort as well as tests to try and determine which method does the most effect on deterring the birds.

These are just some of the methods that you can use to deter the noisy engineers in and around your area. You can however try to combine these methods to get the best out of it, when these methods are mixed up correctly, it will not only deter the noisy engineers but to get rid of them right away. Try making your own methods and add them up. These birds are also intelligent enough to get used to one method against them, but when combined, they will have a hard time getting used to it.

Key points to remember and should not be done when dealing with these birds

There may be methods that you have read about using chemicals against them, one of which is a sticky chemical. But bear in mind that these noisy birds are under the protection of law, it is strongly illegal to kill these birds as stated by the Migratory Bird Act, which will definitely get you on bars or fines if you wish to cross the law and hurt these birds.

Another thing you should remember is not to damage or remove the eggs in nests without proper authorization from legal authorities.

Capturing the birds will also lead you to be kept behind bars. It is very illegal to capture these birds and/or make money from them by selling them to anyone.